ReCODE Program For Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Blatman and Ann Musick, Nutrition Specialist/CNS, are certified and trained to help you recover brain function with Dr. Bredesen’s ReCODE Protocol. Where medication can only slow decline this protocol has been demonstrated to be 85% effective in reversing cognitive decline in early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. There are also cases where people in mid and late stages of dementia have recovered.

ReCODE Is The Only Clinically Proven Program to Reverse Cognitive Decline in Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

There is generally no single cause of cognitive decline. Many things can injure the brain and all of the ones that are known need to be investigated and minimized for successful reversal.

Dr. Bredesen has described six subtypes of Alzheimer’s that contribute to cognitive decline. Any person’s subtype or subtype-mix is revealed by laboratory testing that includes hormones, environmental poisons, inflammatory markers, genetics, insulin resistance, and more.

ReCODE Protocol Program

Treatment will start with lifestyle changes and coaching to a KetoFLEX diet, and then will be individualized by the lab testing.

Dr. Blatman is a clinical toxicologist with a Board Certification in Occupational and Environmental Medicine and 30 years of experience with testing, measuring, and detoxification from environmental poisons.

Dr. Blatman also has more than 25 years of experience using stem cells and now is using laser-guided vSELS to assist in the recovery of brain function.

Realize that this program is not a quick fix or a short-term solution. Dementia is a serious issue, and care of the body and brain is a lifelong project.

If you are concerned about yourself and would like to monitor your brain function there is a program called PRECODE. This program provides a way to test and determine if you need the RECODE program.

ReCode Treatments For Alzheimer’s Are Offered In Our Cincinnati Office

Dr. Blatman believes that this program is also appropriate for treating most any person with a neurodegenerative process. It makes sense that removing anything that contributes to brain injury can only be helpful and may help with a reversal. Applications for the RECODE and stem cell program include Parkinson’s, ALS, Stroke, MS, and more.

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