Best advice I’ve been given in 62 years! Get off wheat, Dairy and Sugar. This has changed my life!!Cathy ChasteenJuly 17, 2023
Laverna MorganJuly 5, 2023
As someone who suffers with EDS, I cannot express how important it was for me to find someone like Dr. Blatman. His understanding for mayofascial pain and the advanced treatments that he has to offer have been life changing. Because of the bad experiences I’d had with other doctors, I was afraid to talk about my pain, but the staff in this office, as well as Dr. Blatman have always been so kind, patient, and supportive, proving to me over and over that my feelings of pain are valid and that I can get better! In the just 6 months my quality of life has improved drastically, and I am able to get back to doing some of the things I didn’t think would ever be possible without excruciating pain. I hope more people find their way to him so they can start their healing process.Erin EmersonJune 11, 2023
Dr Blatman is an absolute MARVEL !!!! He possesses knowledge well beyond most integrative physicians. His techniques are cutting edge, he is extraordinarily articulate and explaining what you need, and he has a very gentle treatment touch. I could not recommend Dr Blatman more highly.Jeff EtessJune 3, 2023
Dr. Blatman and his staff are amazing. Very compassionate and caring. He is very knowledgeable and always ahead of the curve with new methods and research. Great place!Misty JohnsonApril 17, 2023
Toby ShippApril 1, 2023
I'm a musician and former competitive powerlifter. I would generally practice two or more hours a day and longer with rehearsals. I would lift five days a week and while I don't compete anymore I still do heavy compound lifts. Unfortunately severe tendonitis set in last Fall. An MRI showed a 50% tear of my common extensor tendon. I sought local medical attention and was advised i would be several months removed from my playing and lifting. One doctor advised I may never be able to return to what I was doing prior to the injury. Somewhat out of desperation I traveled to Cincinnati and met with Dr. Blatman. He spent an hour an half with me. He gave me an injection and discussed a path to recovery. I had to make significant changes to my diet. Dr. Blatman estimated in three weeks I would be easing back into my normal activities. I honestly didn't believe him but decided to give it a chance. I followed his instructions including the strict diet plan. I'm five weeks removed from my meeting with him and my weightlifting on most lifts is back to normal ---still a few movements that I can't do but the big lifts are fine---squat, bench, and deadlift --no problem. I use a trap bar type grip for most rows and presses. Point is I'm back to getting a great workout with no pain. I can live without curls. Just as important I'm back to playing. I can play guitar for as long as I want. My primary instrument is the upright bass and I can comfortably play for an hour. Before I saw Dr. Blatman I couldn't play guitar for 10 seconds without pain. Upright bass was completely out of the question. I believe I am on the road to recovery. Injury is a part of life and I have found a doctor that has really helped me. I very much recommend Dr. Blatman.Jon HeckMarch 9, 2023
He helps you understand why you are in pain... wish I had gone there years ago!!! The best Dr in the businessWilliam WareFebruary 15, 2023
Dr. Blatman was a life saver for me. Many years I suffered excruciating pain and went to many doctors, many dead end roads wondering if I would ever find someone who could help me. Dr.Blatman told me the cause and things I need to do to eliminate pain. He has many ways to manage the pain if it would return. I feel safe and secure knowing I have Dr.Blatman if the need arises.Linda MeyersFebruary 9, 2023
If you're suffering form pain and looking for an alternative, Blatman Health and Wellness can help. Doctor Blatman has the experience and the cutting edge, holistic treatments to cure you of what causes your pain.Bob TurnerFebruary 7, 2023

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