Restoring Male Sexual Function with the P-Shot

The aging tissues and lowered testosterone levels that accompany aging can feel like a burden to many sexually active men who wish to remain so. You may be experiencing decreased sensitivity and difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. The so-called “little blue pill” can help some men in these circumstances, but not all. In fact, it may not work long term even for those it helps at first. Thankfully, there is a new treatment available for men to consider. It’s called the priapus shot, or p-shot, and it is a sexual function restoration technique that we are experienced in providing here at Blatman Health and Wellness. If you’re looking for the p-shot in Cincinnati and you want to experience the highest level of care in your treatment, please contact us to set up an appointment.

Painless Injection, Improved Function

With a simple injection, you receive a dose of platelet-rich plasma to help the penis grow new tissues and blood vessels, improving performance and in some cases adding length and girth to the erect penis. It does hurt some to inject a penis, but the discomfort is made very tolerable by application of numbing cream about 15 min before injection therapy. Cincinnati-area p-shot seekers can feel confident knowing that our staff has the experience and the knowledge to detail the full course of treatment to you, administer the treatment and support you as you navigate your results.

Can’t Perform Like You Used To? It’s Not Your Fault 

As men begin to age, their production of testosterone and nitric oxide begin to reduce. These two chemicals are required to maintain healthy erections and are known to improve sexual satisfaction. If you’re 40 and older, you might have noticed that your performance isn’t like what it used to be in your younger years. Fortunately, there’s a simple way you can regain control of your sexual satisfaction with PRP treatment. Call our office today to learn more. 

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