PRP Treatment Heals Injuries, Supports Health

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Platelet-rich-plasma treatment, or PRP, is a new therapy that uses growth factors in your own blood to maximize your body’s ability to heal. Whether you are dealing with old injuries such as joint pain, sprains, muscle, ligament or tendon injuries, this specialized new treatment can help you feel better fast. Studies have even shown it to be effective in healing from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. PRP treatment has also been successfully used to help children who are suffering from Osgood-Schlatter’s disease. The treatment prompts your body to re-run its healing program and address areas of continued injury that need further healing, often with amazing results.

PRP for Sexual Health and Function

Platelet-rich plasma can be used to improve the health and functionality of sex organs in both men and women, as well. Sure, men have the “little blue pill,” but what happens when it stops working? And what solutions are available for women who struggle with sexual pleasure or function problems? Thanks to PRP treatment, men and women everywhere can improve their enjoyment of sex and renew health and vigor to their bodies. The area to be treated is made thoroughly numb before injection, and the treatment itself can be painless. Stop suffering and start enjoying your sex life more today!

PRP for Joint Pain and Deterioration

If you’re suffering from joint pain or deterioration, you might be a good candidate for platelet-rich-plasma treatments. Platelet-rich-plasma is derived from your own body, concentrated in a centrifugal machine, and directly injected into your injured joint. Plasma contains countless growth factors and rejuvenating nutrients that may help heal your injured joint from within. This is hard for your body to do on its own due to limited blood flow to the joint. But by injecting this concentrated blood directly into the joint, we can help create a “healing response”. Many patients report substantial relief after just one injection! 

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