Will Dermapen Treatment Help You?

If you’re seeking a skin rejuvenation solution that is relatively pain free, Dermapen treatment may be right for you. People opt to try Dermapen skin therapy for a variety of reasons. Some want to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on their face, tightening the overall look of their skin. Others have old acne scars or scarring from chickenpox. Dermapen can also work wonders on stretch marks post pregnancy or after losing weight. The Dermapen simply injects platelet-rich plasma into the deep layers of the skin—the dermis—thickening it by regenerating areas that were previously damaged.

Dermapen: A Pain-Free Treatment for Youthful & Radiant Skin

This novel new skin treatment offers a powerful way to rejuvenate collagen and achieve a youthful skin appearance. Numerous microscopic punctures cause your skin to increase its collagen production, resulting in a completely natural skin tightening and lifting effect. It works especially well with healing acne scars and facial injuries. And best of all – the procedure involves only a minor discomfort. Results are quick and recovery time is even quicker. Celebrities around the world have endorsed micro needling therapy and now you too can achieve the same beautiful skin as your favorite star.

How Dermapen Works

Not much bigger than a fountain pen, the Dermapen includes 11 tiny micro-needles that penetrate the skins surface—the epidermis—to inject healing materials directly into the dermis. The device creates approximately 990 micro holes each second with an adjustable needle depth that our practitioners will change as needed to appropriately treat the specific area of the face or body. Dermapen sessions are relatively painless and recovery is swift. During your initial consultation, the Dermapen practitioner will go over the details with you of how many sessions you are likely to need to affect the desired results. Call Blatman Health and Wellness today to schedule your first session!

Who’s the Dermapen for?

The Dermapen is a great natural device for anyone looking to achieve more younger and firmer skin. Both men and women – young and old can enjoy improved skin with the Dermapen.

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