Urinary Stress Incontinence Treatment You Can Count On

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There’s not much that is more embarrassing than unexpected urine leakage. This happens to millions of women all over the world, particularly those who have dealt with pregnancy and childbirth, pelvic surgery or who have experienced weakened muscles around the urethra. Menopause can also bring it about. Urinary stress incontinence treatment begins with taking action steps to stop leaks before they happen. Some options include losing weight, practicing Kegal exercises, bulking-substance injections, sling surgery or inserting a pessary (a non-surgical, removable device designed to support pelvic prolapse) into the vagina. However, there is another promising new treatment you may want to consider.

Have You Heard of the O-Shot?

When it comes to treating urinary stress incontinence, there has been an exciting new development called the o-shot that is showing incredible promise. Through a painless injection of platelet-rich plasma, the tissue around your urethra naturally begins to regenerate, restoring normal function. The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes. It has also been studied in terms of its positive effects on women’s sexual drive and pleasure. Using growth factors from your own blood you can treat urinary stress incontinence, female sexual arousal disorder, hypoactive (low) sexual desire disorder, female orgasmic disorder and dyspareunia (pain during sex) with one single treatment!

PRP injections, when combined with pelvic exercises, offer a powerful solution to treating bladder leakage and strengthening urinary muscle control. These quick, noninvasive procedures are a safe alternative to sling surgery with little to no recovery time needed. No longer is it necessary to rely on troubling remedies like adult diapers when an O-shot may be all you need.

Bladder Control: The Benefits of Platelet-Rich-Plasma

PRP therapy works by injecting your bodies very own plasma in the problem area which promotes enhanced blood oxygen, improved circulation, and increased tissue regeneration. The healing platelets found in your plasma are concentrated in a special centrifugal device before being injected. The result? An incredible rejuvenating elixir that can resolve a wide variety of bodily complaints. In the case of bladder control therapy, PRP can help restore muscle and tissue so you can regain control of your bladder. As an added benefit, this treatment is known to enhance sexual response and restore libido.

Don’t Let Embarrassing Bladder Problems Ruin Your Life

Across the world, millions of people suffer from bladder-related conditions. If you’re bladder has left you feeling socially-isolated or embarrassed, then know there’s still hope. At Blatman Health and Wellness Center, we specialize in the integrative and holistic treatment of a variety of health conditions including urinary stress incontinence or bladder problems. In other words, you can regain control of your bladder and restore your confidence to explore the world, without worrying about where is the nearest restroom.

Men Can Suffer Urinary Incontinence Too

If you are a man suffering from urinary incontinence, you’re not alone. Though the condition is much more common in women, the condition affects 13 percent of men on average and 30% of men over the age of 70. Sadly, only 18% of men who suffer ever discuss their symptoms with a doctor, according to a recent study. And that means they don’t get treatment, which is unfortunate.

Because the good news is urinary stress incontinence is very treatable — if you get help. There’s no shame in it and it’s much more common than people think. Kegels exercises can benefit men as well as women by strengthening the muscles around the bladder. Stem cell injections may also provide benefit.

Lifestyle changes can also be helpful for men. Cut down on alcohol and caffeine. Quit smoking. Try double voiding — when you pee, wait a minute and then attempt to pee again. This can reduce dribble.

Treating Bladder Leakage Naturally

Did you know that you can treat bladder problems naturally? That’s right! While many doctors rely on prescription pills or invasive surgeries, there are alternative therapies that are safer, just as effective, and pain-free! At Blatman Health and Wellness Center, we offer a variety of integrative treatments that can help you regain control of your bladder and put an end to embarrassing urinary leakage once and for all! Treatments include PRP therapy, and stem cell injections for women. We also offer nutritional and supplement therapies that may help support healthy bladder control.

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