Find the Root Cause to Relieve Headaches

Whether you suffer from mild to severe chronic headaches or all out migraines, we have a treatment plan to help you. Cincinnati headache treatment is readily available, so don’t wait until your next bout to reach out and start creating a solution. For some years now, those of us in the myofascial pain professional community have acknowledged the fact that an underlying myofascial pain condition is the root cause of more than 90% of all headaches. Muscles in the scalp, shoulders, neck, jaw and upper back that are knotted and in pain transfer that pain to the head and face.

Holistic Treatment Catered to You

No one person’s headaches will be caused in exactly the same way as another’s. Everyone’s pain is different and unique to them, and that’s why we treat headaches holistically here at Blatman Health and Wellness Center. Treatment usually includes a variety of bodywork methodologies, which we will teach you to use at home. We also incorporate chiropractic care, acupuncture, myofascial release and trigger point therapy, nutrition therapy, prolozone, prolotherapy, Healing Touch, massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, environmental detoxification, photon therapy and more. If you are suffering from headaches, reach out to our office today to schedule an initial consultation and get on the path to living a more pain-free life.

Finding the Real Cause of Frequent Migraines

Headaches are a pain to deal with. But frequent headaches are even worse. And because of the very nature of head pain, it’s not always easy to determine the cause. In the case of modern medicine, most doctors simply prescribe pain pills. Pain pills only help with the pain itself – not the reason why you have a headache. At Blatman Health and Wellness Center, we’ll work together to find the root cause of your pain and take the necessary steps to eliminate it from your life. Our clinic provides only the best natural headache treatment in the Cincinnati area.

Migraines: What Causes Them? 

While scientists still aren’t sure the exact causes of migraines, there are numerous potential reasons why they might occur. These reasons include magnesium deficiency, stress, spinal misalignment, and more. If you’re suffering from migraines and your doctor has done nothing for you except prescribe expensive pain pills, give migraine clinic a call today. We can help you pinpoint the cause of your suffering and work together in treating your migraines naturally.  


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