How Can I Treat My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel is also known as a repetitive use injury. While it can be genetic and caused by other factors, it’s primarily as a result of frequently using your hands. It’s especially prevalent in manufacturing jobs like assembly line workers. Symptoms include pain and numbness that travel from your fingers up into your arm. Recovery often takes longer than necessary due to patients not allowing a long enough time to heal. If you’re wondering what can I do for carpal tunnel syndrome, start by resting your injured arm and minimizing use. You may also want to consider using non-invasive treatments.

Relieving Carpal Tunnel Through Natural Means

Natural carpal tunnel treatment involves using non-invasive methods to promote healing and reduce pain. Many individuals opt for surgery to resolve nerve entrapment but studies have indicated that surgery does not increase recovery time when compared to a brace. Not only that, carpal tunnel surgery is dangerous and comes with certain risks. Advances in treatment now offer a safe and effective way to regain the use of your hand. Non-invasive methods that have shown to be successful include prolotherapy, braces, acupuncture’s, and hot cold therapy.

Get Help for Wrist Pain Today

Healing carpal tunnel can often be challenging if you’re not taking care of your wrist. At Blatman Health and Wellness Center, we specialize in helping patients manage their pain and recover faster. Carpal tunnel hurts but we can help you get back to normal. Contact our office to schedule an appointment and experience real relief today.

Reduce Carpal Tunnel Pain Today

Did you know that carpal tunnel syndrome can worsen if not treated appropriately? Many patients with carpal tunnel continue to use their injured wrist. Prolonged use often leads to worsened pain and nerve damage. If you’re suffering from carpal tunnel, don’t ignore it. And if you’re putting off carpal tunnel treatment because you’re worried about surgery – don’t be. At our health and wellness center, we specialize in non-invasive techniques designed to help with pain and reverse the condition safely and effectively.  

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