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Chronic Stress: A Risk Factor for Degenerative Diseases 

Not all stress is bad. In small amounts, stress can be a good thing. It can help give your mind and body a little boost to make it through the day. This was especially important for our ancestors who relied on surges of stress to hunt

Treating Back Pain with Hydrotherapy 

Hydrotherapy is a form of alternative medicine that utilizes water to treat pain and other various conditions. Therapy typically involves immersing your all or part of your body into a tank of water. This means that swimming, having a bath, or using a jacuzzi could all be

Wellness Words: High Quality Food Choices

Check out Episode #8 of Wellness Words, where Dr. Blatman and Erin Fritts of Simplify and Balance discuss choosing high quality foods. “Move away from fake food, and move to real food.” Starting with small changes still counts!