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Understanding Holistic Medicine: Definition & Overview

The term “holistic” in medicine has become a buzz word. But what exactly does it mean? How is holistic medicine different from mainstream clinical? And is it a useful tool for doctors and patients? Let’s discuss – Holistic medicine looks at the person as a […]

Bioactive Mushrooms for Health: Magick or Medicine?

Mushrooms. They seem to be everywhere right now. Your friends who mushroom hunt through the woods; that weird mushroom drink your partner has every morning; that cordyceps supplement your sister recommended for sleep – and that’s apart from just… eating some mushrooms. Before this fungal […]

Debunking Common Myths About Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cell therapy is a cornerstone of regenerative medicine, and a potent complementary therapy for issues like torn tendons, MS and joint pain. Research and development is always underway, and with every new study comes new information. Stem cell research is nothing like it was […]

How America Took the Term “Processed Food” to a New & Gross Level

People have been processing food since there were people. And Neanderthals may have done it, too, but that’s unclear. Processing food technically means doing anything to it before you eat it, whether it’s fermented beverages, cooked meat, noodles, pickled veggies, cured fish – you get […]

Integrative, Complementary, Alternative Health – What’s it All Mean?

We have all these terms for different subfields of medicine, and especially these three: alternative, complementary and integrative, seem to be used almost interchangeably sometimes? We live in a world of buzz words and fads – even medical fads. Is this one of those cases? […]