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Latest News in Medical Research on Stem Cell Therapy

We are over 3 decades into stem cell research in medicine. Stem cell treatments, historically, have been proven to be an effective regenerative therapy for macular degeneration, a degenerative condition of the eye that eventually results in blindness. The benefits of stem cells in bone […]

20 Crazy Food Chemicals to Stay Away From

We all know that processed foods are not a part of a healthy, nutritional diet. However, they tend to be the tastiest, probably due to the high sugar or salt contents and the trans fats. But these aren’t the only unhealthy things hiding in your […]

Why Does Medical Marijuana Work So Well for Pain?

A quick look at Ohio’s list of conditions approved for medical marijuana treatment will show you that many conditions have something in common: major symptoms include chronic, often severe, pain. From long-term pain from Crohn’s, cancer, Huntington’s, or MS, medical marijuana has proven effective at […]

Chronic Back Pain you Can’t Figure Out? You Might be Neglecting Your Hip Flexors

When it comes to chronic lower back pain, there are countless possibilities for the source. After all; your spine is central to how you move, so it would follow that damage to anything that helps support your spine will result in pain in the back. […]

10 Stretches and Exercises to Help Ease Pain Thought to Come from Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome is an unpleasant and sometimes debilitating disorder that is thought to result from the piriformis muscle interfering with and irritating the sciatic nerve. This however, is rarely what is happening in your body. The piriformis muscle is a deep-seated muscle involved in hip […]