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Demystifying Medicine Through Communication and Education

Dr. Hal Blatman and Dr. David Ellison discuss how important it is for doctors to educate their patients in order to help demystify medicine. One way to do that is to better communicate all options available, including risks and benefits, so that patients can make

Wellness Words: Exploring Why You Engage in Mindless Activities

Episode 11 of Wellness Words discusses how to replace numbing habits (in a nonjudgemental way). Do you know what you are trying to escape from when engaging in mindless activities? Identifying what activities makes you feel certain ways is key to helping you find and

Are Cortisone Injections Dangerous? 

Cortisone is a potent anti-inflammatory that is said to offer quick pain-relief that lasts for days to months or even years. It’s can be injected directly into a joint and is often used for arthritis.   However, cortisone injections are not without risk. A recent review