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Chronic Back Pain you Can’t Figure Out? You Might be Neglecting Your Hip Flexors

When it comes to chronic lower back pain, there are countless possibilities for the source. After all; your spine is central to how you move, so it would follow that damage to anything that helps support your spine will result in pain in the back. […]

10 Stretches and Exercises to Help Ease Pain Thought to Come from Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome is an unpleasant and sometimes debilitating disorder that is thought to result from the piriformis muscle interfering with and irritating the sciatic nerve. This however, is rarely what is happening in your body. The piriformis muscle is a deep-seated muscle involved in hip […]

Orb Weavers Weave Webs that are More than just Pretty

One of the toughest kinds of tissue to repair once it’s been damaged by injury of disease, is nerve tissue. Depending on where the neuropathy occurs, nerve damage is often a lifelong change; some nerves never heal, other might, partially, over years or decades. And […]

What is Scoliosis? And How is it Diagnosed?

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine, usually described as a “C” or “S” curve, but is really a spiral deformity like a spiral staircase. Scoliosis most often affects the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. It is possible to have a slight curvature of the […]

Reasons your Doctor might Recommend Hip Replacement Surgery

As we age, our major joints become painful as they wear out. Some joints even wear so much that the bare bone on each side of the joint rub together. The friction this causes can result in debilitating pain. This is perhaps the most common […]