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Treatment & Self Help Techniques to Ease the Pain of Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome is a painful condition of the buttocks, though the pain can also extend down through the legs. It’s an uncommon neuromuscular disorder caused by compression of the sciatic nerve or weakness of the piriformis tendon. The piriformis muscle is a muscle located in

Alternative Therapies in Pain Management – Nov 14, 2020

Alternative Therapies in Pain Management Virtual Interactive Conference – 11/14/2020 Evidence-Based Approaches is an interactive, virtual conference that will deliver information on current and emerging evidence-based approaches of traditional and alternative therapies in the management of pain induced by migraine, osteoarthritis, and surgery. This conference

Does It Hurt to Play? Natural Therapeutic Approaches to Musician Pain

Music is your passion. When you get in the groove, you don’t want to stop — you feel like you can play your heart out for hours. And then the pain hits and you wonder how you’ll make it through the end of the song,