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The Science Behind Friendship: Why Socializing is Good for Health & Chronic Pain

It’s a catch-22. Study after study shows how socializing is good for you — it can actually help mitigate pain, improve health and wellness, and help manage chronic diseases like severe depression, fibromyalgia, and more. Yet these very illnesses that can benefit from face to

Scientists Discover New Stem Cell from Humans, Pigs

Recent news has been bright for stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Last June, scientists announced the creation of Expanded Potential Stem Cells (EPSCs) of both pig and human cells. These new stem cells have the features of the first cells in the developing embryo,

If Approved, New Conditions Could Double Medical Marijuana Eligibility

In the state of Ohio, the number of recognized ailments for cannabis treatment — and the percentage of the population that qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation — could have widely broadened, if state officials had agreed on new guidelines. An advisory committee for the