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Traditional Bone Broth May Hold the Key to Joint Problems

Bone broth has a rich history, dating back to over 2,000 years ago. Back then, civilizations made use of the entire animal, frequently boiling leftover bones and consuming the broth. Research has shown that bone broth contains numerous beneficial compounds that serve as the building

Chronic Pain & The Overlap of Other Medical Issues Involving Pain

Every part of your body was designed to work together in perfect harmony. When there’s an issue in one area, there tend to be problems in other areas as well. The modern practice of labeling the issue you’re experiencing and treating the symptoms doesn’t always

Finding the Right Medical Dosage for Your Medicinal Marijuana

With Ohio adopting a legal medical marijuana program by September 8th, 2017, many patients are beginning to research how much cannabis they need to consume to experience relief of their symptoms. (Note: an Ohio MMJ card is not yet available). Unfortunately, this is not an