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Medical Marijuana Recall? How Testing & Quality Control Affect Patients

Is the cannabis you’re purchasing up to snuff? Good question. When it comes to medical extracts purchased at Utopia Gardens in Detroit, Michigan, the answer is a flat no. Testing officials issued a recall on 2 strains grown by the licensed medical provisioning center —

Dr. Blatman and Dr. TJ Lonergan Discuss Joint Pain and Regrowing Cartilage

Dr. Blatman of Blatman Health and Wellness Center, and Dr. TJ Lonergan of Impact Health and Spine Center, discuss Joint Pain, “Bone on Bone” Joints, and regrowing cartilage. Cincinnati Doctors Discuss Joint Pain and Restoring Cartilage  

Dr. Blatman Interviewed on WLWT About Medical Marijuana For Treatment of Autism and Anxiety in Ohio

8/21/19 Dr. Blatman was recently interviewed by Todd Dykes on WLWT about an Ohio Medical Board Subcommittee’s decision NOT to recommend Medical Marijuana for Anxiety and Autism, an idea they originally supported back in May. You can view the video interview that was broadcast last