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Scientists Found a Medical Cannabis Compound to Have Great Potential in Cancer Treatment

Pancreatic cancer is rare, but deadly. It makes up just 3% of cancer cases, yet as many as 20% of those afflicted with it will survive their first year, and only 8% survive more than 5. In fact, pancreatic cancer is predicted to be the

Can Stem Cells Fight Old Age? A New Study Seeks the Answer

Our Cincinnati patients have experienced significant results from stem cell treatments for knees, back pain, and joint and muscle pain. But could stem cells help fight the aging process as well? Maybe someday. Research in 2017 found encouraging potential in using stem cells to help

Dr. Blatman @ Awaken Fair 11/24/19

Dr. Blatman will be speaking at The Awaken Fair on 11/24/19 in Tarrytown, NY “PRP + Peptides + Stem Cells” Hudson Room B @ 10:15am For more information, please visit The Awaken Fair website.