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Dr. Blatman on James Miller’s Lifeology – Rebroadcast 8/12/19 & 8/13/19

Dr. Blatman’s interview with James Miller | Liefology from 7/25/19, where he discusses Peptides, PRP and Stem Cells, will be rebroadcast on Monday August 12th @ 6pm EST on all podcasting platforms (and here, and Tuesday August 13th at 1:30pm EST on all terrestrial

New Research Could Change How We Harvest Stem Cells for Therapy

New research from the University of Copenhagen challenges traditional understanding of how stem cells work — and even suggests all immature cells could be developed into stem cells. The study found that the destiny of intestinal cells is not predetermined — and instead grow according

Dr. Blatman and Dr. TJ Lonergan Discuss Neuropathy Prevention – Video Series, Part 2

Dr. Blatman of Blatman Health and Wellness Center, and Dr. TJ Lonergan of Impact Health and Spine Center, discuss how to prevent Neuropathy, specifically with regards to  utilizing better nutrition and supplements. Cincinnati Doctors Discuss Neuropathy Prevention – Video Series, Part 2