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Save Your Joints with the Blatman Method

Are you living with stiff and painful joints? Are you tired of getting the same treatments or answers to your questions that don’t help? Perhaps it’s time for the kind of care that an integrative medical practice can provide. At Blatman Health and Wellness Center, […]

The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

Suppose you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake but are craving a soda. Grabbing a “diet” version is okay, right? Not really. The artificial sweeteners in most diet and sugar-free foods and beverages can harm your health and physiological functioning. Understanding what’s in sugar substitutes […]

The Dangers of Microplastics and How to Avoid Them

You might have heard about the massive amounts of microplastics in our oceans. While this ecological threat may seem far away, the impact of microplastics is closer than you may think. This article discusses what microplastics are, where they’re found, and what you can do […]

The Impacts of Blood Sugar on Your Health

Blood sugar is a vital substance that influences your energy levels and is crucial to your overall well-being. This article explores the connections between blood sugar and your health. Understanding its influence makes it easier to stay healthy and avoid serious complications. What Is Blood […]

Firefly: A Breakthrough in Photobiomodulated Light Therapy

Imagine you could regrow your hair, treat chronic pain, or solve your digestive problems without addictive drugs or invasive medical procedures. With photobiomodulated light therapy, all this and more is possible. This blog post unravels the science, applications, and potential of harnessing low-intensity light for […]

Nurturing Your Gut Microbiome

You probably know that your body is filled with many bacteria and other tiny organisms. Although there are disease-causing bacteria that you want to avoid, others help the body perform important functions and even prevent illness. The innumerable bacteria in your gut are essential for […]