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The Implications of Biotechnology for Medical Research & Healthcare

As medical research speeds ahead with advances in disease and injury treatment, biomanufacturing is becoming more common. In fact, in medicine, biotechnology is the future. Biomanufacturing is creating a biologic from living cells, and is being researched in food production and other industrial purposes – […]

Rotator Cuff Injuries: Can Stem Cell Therapy Heal Damaged Shoulders?

Your rotator cuff is a group of muscles, tendons and fascia that cover the top of your humerus and cap your shoulder. As the name implies, the rotator cuff is what allows you to raise, lower and rotate your arms. Your shoulders are arguably the […]

The Health Advantages of Getting Your Daily Dose of Sun

It’s summer, and that means bright, sunny days, mornings on the front porch, kids’ outdoor sporting events, and trips to the beach. Much of the time, when we talk about the summer sun, we’re talking about how to protect ourselves from harmful UV rays. Wear […]

October isn’t Just for Halloween; it’s National Health Literacy Month!

There is a National Something Month for everything, and sometimes a month even has more than one. October, surprisingly, has a lot going on. And in the field of medicine, October is both National Health Literacy Month and Stem Cell Awareness Day on the 11th. […]

Marijuana Regulation in the US

It seems like it’s been a long time since the first state passed legislation about marijuana – probably a lot longer than you think. During the Victorian era you could get marijuana tinctures in any drug store, and marijuana was used medicinally in different solutions. […]