Stem Cell Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis are Promising, and Available in Cincinnati!

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Multiple Sclerosis is an enigmatic disease affecting the spinal cord and central nervous system. The severity of MS can range from mild to debilitating, though it tends to be a progressive condition regardless (read: gets worse over time). Symptoms range from numbness and tingling in limbs to paralysis, vision and balance problems. The course of the disease is also unpredictable in each individual. Because Multiple Sclerosis affects the brain’s functions, including how it communicates with the body, regenerative therapies like bone marrow transplants have produced great results in individuals with MS. And recently, clinical trials for other types of MS stem cell treatments have produced promising results. Dr. Blatman provides Cincinnati MS stem cell treatments because of these promising studies, as well as his own experiences with stem cell injections in his patients. The desired outcome is to lessen inflammation and spur myelin production within the central nervous system. So let’s take a closer look at how stem cell therapies work to stall or reverse symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis:

How MS Stem Cell Treatment Works

Because Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease, the body’s immune system attacks and damages its own tissues. MS stem cell treatments and bone marrow transplants aim to reset the body’s immune system. The goal is to switch the body’s immune system to healing mode instead of attack mode. Recent studies found long-term remission in MS patients treated with bone marrow transplants, suggesting they’re effective at getting the body to reset. Now, research is expanding to other types of stem cell therapies, like stem cell injections.

Stem cell therapies use undifferentiated stem cells, usually from a neutral source, to restart the body’s healing process. A main degenerative complication of MS is the body stops producing myelin, the material that protects cells from damage and death. The hope with stem cell treatments for MS is that the injected stem cells will differentiate into healthy versions of damaged cells. Once they differentiate, they should replace the damaged cells and create more healthy cells in that damaged area.

Blatman Health and Wellness Center’s Cincinnati Office does Stem Cell Treatment for MS

Stem cell injections for MS have great potential for relieving symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, and Dr. Blatman has seen many patients benefit from these therapies. Stem cells work for pain, tissue damage and mild neuropathy, so depending on the progression of the disease, stem cell injections can completely change a patient’s daily life, as well as the long-term trajectory of the disease. They are, admittedly, still under clinical trials, as they’re relatively new as an MS treatment. But they’re also minimally invasive and holistic. You can get MS stem cell treatment in Cincinnati from Blatman Health and Wellness Center. Dr. Blatman is a regenerative medicine doctor who focuses on holistic wellness – healing the body instead of just treating symptoms. If you’re suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, MS stem cell treatments are available right here at home in Cincinnati. Take charge of your MS and your quality of life and call our health and wellness center for a consultation on stem cell injections today.

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