Don’t Suffer Any Longer

When the body first experiences an injury, it launches a healing program to address the area in need of healing. From there, it does most of its healing work within three to six weeks. When pain or injury persists after that time, your body did not complete the task of healing the site of the injury. Sadly, many people walk around in this state for months or years, wondering why they are still in pain long after the injury should have healed. The good news is that effective torn tendon treatment, sprain treatment, muscle injury treatment and more are now readily available.

Various pain relief methods may include prescription medication, massage, supplements, and other techniques that reduce recovery time. Combining different therapeutic treatments offers a synergistic approach in anything from repairing a ruptured tendon to alleviating chronic back pain. The integrative way we treat pain proves to be very successful in our practice. Sometimes, additional support is needed, and that is where PRP injections come into use.

Even Old Injuries Are No Match for Platelet-Rich Plasma

If your pain has outlived your body’s ability to heal it without support, the time to call in additional healing power is now. And believe it or not, this extra healing boost comes from your very own blood. An injection of platelet-rich plasma will restart your body’s healing program and provide treatment for torn tendons, ligament injuries, joint pain and much more. If you’ve been waiting to reclaim your life and move with ease and comfort once again, don’t wait another day to find out how Blatman Health and Wellness Center can serve you! You can be pain free again, and we can help.

Recovering from a Torn Tendon Takes Too Long

There’s a reason why torn tendon recovery takes a long time. In a perfect scenario, patients with a torn tendon will stay immobile to allow their tendon to heal. Unfortunately, many people continue to reinjure their tendon when they stay active and avoid rest. Beceause of this, many people spend months or even an entire year recovering from the injury. And if you continue to reinjure the torn area, then you could be left with a limited range of motion and permanent damage. Because of this, it’s ideal to try and treat the tendon as soon as possible. Patients can have a quicker healing by working with a sport injury doctor or PRP specialist who understands how to heal injured tendons.

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