Envi from TempSure In Cincinnati

A New Radio Frequency Wellness Treatment Tricks Your Body Into Making Fresh Collagen

Here in Cincinnati, the Blatman Health and Wellness Center is proud to announce a new treatment to make your skin look younger and fresher.

Envi is a new treatment from TempSure that we can provide for you, on-site at our Cincinnati wellness center.

You are likely familiar with collagen. Perhaps best known in popular culture for its use in plastic surgery to promote full lips, collagen is a structural protein. We have it in our skin and in other connective tissue. It is also in our blood vessels, our tendons, our bones, and in our digestive system.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It replaces our skin cells after they die, and it is the protein that makes our skin strong and stretchy. You can think of collagen as the glue that holds your body together.

As we grow older, however, we make less collagen. This is a natural part of aging. But that loss of collagen makes our skin sag more, reduces the amount of cartilage in our arms and legs, and gives us wrinkles. Some foods, like those rich in Vitamin C, can help restore this protein, but the collagen loss is a natural progression.

If you are able to produce more collagen, you can make your skin tauter and more supple. You can also reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and cellulite. A more collagenated person will have skin that looks tighter and younger.

Recent scientific research indicates that applied heat can help our bodies produce more collagen.

The TempSure Envi treatment, developed by a company based in Marlborough, Massachusetts, called Hologic, uses RF (radio frequency) to warm your skin. The TempSure Envi treatment can work for people with all types of skin, and there is no time needed for recovery. You can return, later that day, to your normal routine and appointments without any delay for recuperation.

What Does It Feel Like?

Many people who have undergone the TempSure Envi procedure compare it to a hot stone treatment, much like those given in spas and salons. And, much like a hot stone massage, your skin may be slightly red afterward due to the heat, but that will soon vanish. A single treatment takes either a half-hour or an hour to administer.

Is There Anything Preventing Me From Being A Candidate?

TempSure Envi is safe for all ages and skin conditions. We can perform the TempSure Envi treatment in any season, and there are no contra-indications for allergies or anything else. The procedure is approved for any and all patients.

How Often Do We Do the Treatment?

We recommend having a TempSure Envi once a month. It is a gradual process to restore and produce new collagen, so it often takes three to five of the monthly treatments to achieve the results you desire.

What is RF?

RF, or Radio Frequency, is a form of energy. For medical procedures, health professionals use RF most often as electrical currents or as radiating waves. RF has been in common medical use since the 1940s, for treating everything from sleep apnea to healing bone tissue. If you have ever had an MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging), then you have experience the use of radio frequency waves, as MRI uses RF to produce its images.

What Will My Skin Look Like Afterward?

After a number of the TempSure Envi treatments — at least three, in most cases — your skin will likely look fresher, tauter, and less wrinkled. We can focus on particular areas of your skin to achieve targeted effects, such as around your eyes or mouth. In the time between treatments, your skin will produce new collagen, so the visible differences will fade in gradually.

If you have any questions, please contact Blatman Health and Wellness Center to schedule a consultation.



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