A Natural Approach to Myofascial Pain

Characterized by chronic pain along multiple trigger points, myofascial pain is no walk in the park. It’s a pain that can be difficult to put into words, sometimes numbness, burning, or a sharp stinging sensation, but it’s very real and can often be debilitating, limiting our ability to function and enjoy our everyday lives. But relief is at your fingertips, literally. Discover renewed energy and functioning through natural, holistic means. Why suffer when you can discover a new life in diet, exercise, and stretching to feel better than you have in years?

Are You in Pain Due to Myofascial Problems?

Are you experiencing pain and suffering due to myofascial strain? Problems in the bodies fascial system may lead to many issues that medicine is not yet aware of. Chronic pain, fatigue, migraines, depression, and joint problems could be caused by your myofascial system.

Myofascial pain is the result of shortening muscles due to contraction. Painful trigger points develop when the muscle gets stuck in the contracted state. Massage and bodywork can be applied to the painful areas through myofascial release, unlocking trigger points and providing relief to the muscles. Stretching can also help ease the contracted trigger points. Acupuncture provides palpation to affected areas and has been proven to be more effective than placebos when it comes to relieving muscle pain. Good nutrition and stress relief can also reduce pain and provide a new lease on life.

A New Life Awaits through Natural Healing

Having established the first dedicated holistic clinic in Cincinnati, Dr. Blatman believes in a natural approach to the treatment of myofascial pain. While conventional medicine always has its place, taking care of the entire being of the patient, from good diet to exercise to stress relief, can do wonders to the spirit and in the process heal the body itself. He unlocks trigger points through natural means to get to the root of the pain and provide life changing healing. Best of all, you’ll learn healing techniques you can apply at home to continue the healing process. Discover a new life through a natural approach to the treatment of myofascial pain. Life is far too sweet a thing to suffer when soothing relief should be your natural state of well-being.

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