Stem Cells for Nerve Pain: Is It Effective?

Nerve pain is a condition that affects millions of people throughout America. Also known as neuropathy or neuropathic pain, this condition is usually caused by damage to the nerves. Nerve damage can occur in the brain and spine or nearly any other area of the body. In general, damage is caused by a traumatic injury, such as a car crash or sports-related injury. However, diabetes is also a potential cause for nerve damage. If a patient is suffering from nerve damage, it’s important that they receive an accurate diagnosis before treatment begins. If the damage is caused by diabetes, then it would make sense to address blood glucose and insulin levels in addition to the nerve pain. Unfortunately, many doctors fail to treat the body as a whole and may only focus on a few symptoms of the condition. In these cases, an integrative pain specialist is your best option.

Symptoms of Neuropathic Pain

One of the most common symptoms of nerve damage is chronic pain. Unfortunately, this type of pain does not respond well to conventional painkillers, which makes it difficult for a patient to find relief.

In addition to pain, nerve damage is associated with a long list of problems including:

  • Weakness
  • Paralysis
  • Inability to feel pain
  • Numbness
  • Burning

New Treatment Brings Hope

Currently, patients suffering from nerve damage often rely on strong opioid painkillers. Fortunately, a new study on using stem cell treatment for neuropathy is showing promise as an alternative to opioids. In the study, researchers were able to successfully reduce the symptoms of nerve damage as well as pain sensitivity.

The researchers also found that stem cells have potent anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating properties that are not unique to one species. This means that stem cells derived from animals may work for humans as well.

How Does Stem Cell Treatment Work?

Stem cell therapies have been found to be highly effective in reversing opioid tolerance (OT) and opioid-induced hyperalgesia (OIH) and as an alternative to relieving nerve pain. Though on the surface, stem cell treatment may sound like science fiction, it has surprising scientifically proven benefits.

Stem cells essentially provide the building blocks for the body’s natural healing processes. Adult stem cells are not permanently locked into a specific kind of cell. They therefore have the potential grow variety of cellular tissues that can repair damaged or diseased areas, relieving nerve pain.

Basically, stem cells provide the building data or DNA that can be activated to multiply into many other kinds of cells. They provide the ability to regenerate nerve tissue in unprecedented ways.

The process for stem cell therapy for neuropathy is fairly straightforward. Stem cells are collected from your own blood, bone marrow, or from your fat tissue. They are then prepared and injected into the damaged tissue. The treatment takes about 15 minutes. The rejuvenation process is not immediate but takes place overtime.

In addition to nerve pain, stem cells have been found to be highly effective at relieving back pain.

Are You Suffering from Nerve Pain?

If you’re suffering from neuropathy and haven’t been able to find relief, you may want to work with a doctor that uses stem cells for nerve pain or understands the complex nature of neuropathic pain. Unfortunately, most physicians choose to treat only the symptoms of nerve pain, which often means the use of dangerous opioid drugs that have limited effectiveness in the treatment of nerve pain.

Fortunately, stem cell therapy, PRP injections, and other new treatments in regenerative medicine are now available and are showing considerable promise for patients who were once thought of as “untreatable”.

Stem Cells Show Promise for Nerve Pain

Pain pills often have limited effectiveness when it comes to nerve problems. Fortunately, emerging research suggests that stem calls can actually reduce pain and even potentially heal your nerves. If you’ve been struggling with neuropathy or flareups of pain and just want relief, call our office to find out if stem cells are right for you.

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