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Dr. Blatman Discusses His College Path

Dr. Blatman discusses his path through college to becoming a doctor, with Anthony Uva, on “Secrets of College Planning”. Learn a bit more about Dr. Blatman’s educational path through the medical field.

Tennis Elbow Treatment Testimonial

Patient explains how tennis elbow treatment helped him. Can’t think of a better way to explain how we help people: “It transformed my life.” “You don’t have to live with pain.”

wellness words with blatman and fritts

Wellness Words: Experiencing Life!

In Episode 12 of Wellness Words, Dr. Blatman and Erin Fritts discuss celebrating the whole range of feelings and emotions! These shifts in emotions can create the drive for change. Here they finish the 3 part series on numbing behaviors: 1. awareness, 2. trying to

Dr.Hal Blatman and Dr. David Ellison

Demystifying Medicine Through Communication and Education

Dr. Hal Blatman and Dr. David Ellison discuss how important it is for doctors to educate their patients in order to help demystify medicine. One way to do that is to better communicate all options available, including risks and benefits, so that patients can make

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