Help your body heal naturally through advanced personalized nutrition. Personalized nutrition helps us identify what’s causing your symptoms and supports your body’s natural healing system without harmful medications used to mask symptoms. The Nutrition Program at Blatman Health and Wellness is based on a thorough assessment of your health status including your capacity for optimal hormone, neurotransmitter, and blood cell production, energy metabolism, and detoxification. This assessment may also include nutritional genomics which analyzes your DNA for any differences that may be associated with your symptoms to provide you the most advanced personalized nutrition therapy plan available.

Root causes of disease include:

  • Ultra-processed diet that contains gluten, dairy, and refined sugar and oils.
  • Nutrient deficiencies.
  • Food allergies/sensitivities.
  • Pathogenic bacteria, and overgrowth of bacteria, yeast, and fungi in the intestinal tract.
  • Heavy metal and environmental toxin exposure.
  • Genetic differences.
  • Chronic stress.

A personalized nutrition therapy plan prioritizes areas of need (i.e. nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity) significant to your primary health concerns by addressing them with dietary, nutrient/herbal supplement, and lifestyle modification recommendations. Health coaching is another essential part of the nutrition program to provide support and guidance as you adapt to the plan and modify as needed.

Tracking helps us see how well your body is responding to your plan. We will track how well you progress through your program through live blood analysis, a body systems tracker, and questionnaires.

Essentially, the nutrition program at Blatman Health and Wellness Center educates patients on how their health issues are related to their nutrition and genetics, and what nutritional and integrative health strategies they can follow to correct the imbalances that are at the root of their health issues.

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