Natural Healing with Regenerative Medicine: A Holistic Doctor’s Approach 

Debilitating pain is no fun. If left untreated, pain can make life downright unmanageable. The good news is the condition doesn’t have to be this way. At Blatman Health and Wellness Center, we offer a number of regenerative medicines and therapies that can help heal pain and other ailments.

Two regenerative treatments that have proved highly effective for our Cincinnati patients is PRP Therapy and stem cell treatments. The processes use the patient’s own blood to rebuild and heal damaged tissues, tendons or cartilage.

Plasma is drawn from a blood sample that is put into a centrifuge. The platelets are removed from the blood and then injected into the damaged area.


Prolotherapy involves injecting concentrated dextrose and Novocaine into the stressed or injured tissue. This helps alleviate blood supply issues that may be causing the pain. It provides the tissue nourishment and greater blood flow to provide relief and healing.

Stem Cell Therapy

Often, the patient’s own stem cells are used to provide natural building blocks for healing. It can provide effective pain and healing relief without surgery.

Stem cells have been effective to treat joints, muscles, tendons, and bone fractures. As a regenerative medicine doctor, Dr. Blatman has seen it help heal back and knee pain, sport injuries, and even help relieve urinary stress incontinence.

Dr. Blatman is a regenerative medicine doctor practicing holistic medicine in the Cincinnati area. He offers stem cell injection, PRP therapy, and other natural means for healing. Relief is possible without the need for surgery or pharmaceuticals. Give us a call to schedule an appointment to see which approach is best for you.

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