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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which painful pressure is placed on the median nerve in the wrist, the nerve by which the hand receives its signals for touch and motion. Symptoms of carpal tunnel may include tingling, numbness and even damaged muscles in the hands or fingers. Those who perform regular tasks involving repetitive motion of the hand and wrist are susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome, the most common cause being typing on a computer keyboard. Other causes include sports such as handball or racquetball and activities such as driving, sewing, writing, painting, or working on an assembly line. Need carpal tunnel solutions? You’ve come to the right place.

Drawbacks of the Modern Approach to Nerve Entrapment

Many doctors ignore the plethora of noninvasive therapies available and instead opt for risky carpal tunnel surgery. Aside from the dangers of anesthesia, nerve damage can occur. Other potential downsides to operation include a lengthy recovery period that typically involves physical therapy to regain your strength. Risks aside, patients have to shoulder the expensive cost of the procedure, which is often thousands of dollars. And because the surgery does not address the root cause of the wrist pain, there is a high chance of it returning. Thanks to advances in medical technology, patients now have the option of a more holistic carpal tunnel cure that enables your body to correct the imbalance naturally.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Techniques

We have a multi-faceted approach to healing carpal tunnel, and we cater our carpal tunnel syndrome treatment to the individual. Using a variety of tools such as dry needling, mind/body techniques, massage, prolotherapy and hydro-dissection under ultrasound guidance, we create a healing regimen to reduce pain quickly and begin the healing process. Results include increased comfort and flexibility in the affected areas. If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, give our office a call today to schedule an initial consultation. Together, we’ll create a plan for success and help you start enjoying more pain-free days.

Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome You Can Try at Home

There are a number of ways you can treat carpal tunnel syndrome yourself. While doing repetitive tasks, set a timer for 15 minutes. (If you type a lot on a computer, the Timer Chrome extension comes in pretty handy.) Stop what you are doing and gently wiggle your fingers, flex your wrists, crack your knuckles. Roll a pair of Chinese medicine balls in your hand and use them as a massage tool for your palms, joints, and fingers.

Keeping your wrists straight can also be effective at alleviating the pain. Wear a wrist splint when doing the repetitive action.

Ease up a little. Often, the carpal tunnel effect is increased if the repetitive action is done through a forceful task. If the repetitive action involves typing, using a cash register, or writing, relax your grip and ease the force of your movement. Try a soft grip pen if handwriting is the issue.

Elevating your hands whenever possible may also help.

If the problem persists, see a pain specialist who treats carpal tunnel syndrome. If left untreated, the pain can get worse and in some cases can be quite debilitating. Fortunately, simple techniques and therapies can prove quite effective at providing relief.

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