Reduce Pain and Improve Movement with PRP

A bleak future is often portrayed for osteoarthritis sufferers, as cartilage continues to break down and quality of life erodes. Current trends in osteoarthritis regimens place an emphasis on pain management and little attention is paid to actual prevention or even reversal of the joint wear. The methods used can range from NSAIDs all the way to joint replacement. Osteoarthritis sufferers sadly get used to living with chronic pain, but now there is a new osteoarthritis treatment that offers relief! We inject platelet-rich plasma from your own blood directly into the site of pain, triggering your body to strengthen and regenerate surrounding tissues, regrow cartilage and bring much needed fluidity of movement back to the area. Also referred to as PRP, this treatment has shown amazing results for a variety of purposes, and osteoarthritis sufferers are thrilled to find something that actually works to relieve their pain. Damaged joints can be restored and movement can be easier and less strained throughout the day.

Heal Better, Live Better

When we go through our days in constant pain, we don’t see or experience anything as clearly as we could. Seeing life through the lens of pain is a problem that all too many experience. If you have been suffering through your days with physical pain due to osteoarthritis, give us a call and try out the latest in osteoarthritis care today. We can help you put those days of debilitating pain behind you so you can begin to enjoy your life again. We can even help to heal old sprains or other injuries. Your body’s healing power is greater than you think! Sometimes it just needs a little boost.

Osteoarthritis Treatment: Heal Joints & Reclaim Your Mobility

There’s no reason to let an osteoarthritis diagnosis ruin your life. Most modern treatments of arthritis involve minimizing pain while joints continue to deteriorate. However, science and the understanding of joint health have greatly evolved over the years. Today, there are countless treatments available to stop cartilage loss and even reverse it. But these natural arthritis treatments work the best in earlier stages of the disease. Don’t wait until you have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. Call to schedule your first appointment and reclaim the mobility of your younger years today.

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