Identifying CFS

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While doctors are not entirely certain what causes chronic fatigue syndrome, theories include stress, recovering from illness, environmental factors, hereditary factors, age or inflammation of the nervous system due to faulty immune system response. A chronic fatigue doctor can help you to determine whether you are in fact dealing with CFS or the problem is rooted in another issue, such as a tumor or other illness, mental illness, endocrine disease (i.e., hypothyroidism), infection, an immune or autoimmune disorder or drug dependence. CFS is distinctly different in nature from these other afflictions, and a doctor can help you determine if CFS is affecting you.

Stimulants Don’t Help Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

As anyone with chronic fatigue syndrome can attest to, it’s always a battle trying to convince your medical doctor that you truly need help. Most medical professionals advise patients complaining of fatigue to sleep more or try to consume caffeine. But we know all too well that these so-called solutions are only mere band-aids to the real problem. And in fact, consuming too much caffeine can send your adrenal glands into overdrive, leaving you even more tired. If you’re experiencing resistance from your doctor, find a chronic fatigue specialist who understands your situation.

Healing from CFS

There are a variety of ways to deal with chronic fatigue syndrome and a chronic fatigue specialist can help you to identify which treatment plan is best for you. Medications are often employed, and we also offer local electrical stimulation. In some cases, surgery may be an option for you to consider. We can help you figure out what may work for your particular situation. Believe it or not, placebos have worked wonders for some people over the course of the history of treating CFS, lessening and in some cases eliminating pain. Psychotherapy, relaxation, biofeedback and behavior modification may also be employed.

Natural Treatments for Chronic Fatigue You Can Try at Home

One of the hardest parts of relieving chronic fatigue is finding the motivation to do so. Obviously, one of the symptoms of this debilitating illness is finding the energy to do anything. Consider your illness to be like a heavy rock at the top of a hill. Getting it to budge is difficult at first. Yet as you gain momentum, healing becomes easier. You’ll feel better. Here are a few natural treatments you can try at home.

Eat a healthy diet. A proper balance of nutrients is necessary in rebuilding your energy. Eat a variety of health vegetables, fruit, and healthy protein. Avoid carbs and packaged food.

Sleep well at night, but avoid over-napping during the day. Minimize stress disruptors when you sleep. Avoid screens a couple of hours before bed. Minimize lights and create a calming presence in your bedroom. A clean and well-made bed is key.

Get plenty of exercise and spend time outdoors in nature. This can be difficult during the winter months, but any amount can help. Go for a hike or a walk as your energy allows.

Talk to your doctor about your chronic fatigue. He or she may be able to recommend a holistic therapy to help manage your tiredness and regain your energy. Healing is a process, a journey — not a destination.

Overcome Fatigue with the Help of a Health and Wellness Center

If you’re struggling with crippling fatigue, there’s hope. At Blatman Health and Wellness Center, we help patients discover the cause of their fatigue and restore their energy levels. If you’re tired of your lack of energy ruining your life, call our office to schedule an appointment today!

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