Pain Management

Pain management is mostly about making you more comfortable as you continue to suffer. For this we can prescribe medicines, herbs, and more. None of these are good at making pain go totally away, but they can make your journey easier and less unpleasant. This is not a drug liberal country, and medicine can only do so much no matter how much you take.

At the Blatman Health and Wellness Center in Cincinnati Ohio and Blatman Integrative Healing in NY, we work to help you make your pain go away. You do not have to manage what can be made to go away. We are not 100% successful, but most of our patients are treatment failures from several doctors and some from major national clinics… and most people find significant relief and healing with what we teach and what we can do.

One of the reasons people do not find standard medicine pain treatment more effective is that:

Pain is not what we were taught. It is not likely to be coming from your spine, discs, nerves, blood vessels, muscle imbalances, joints, arthritis, or even inflammation as we were taught to understand it. So, treatment directed at these suspected causes just does not work as well as you would like.

At the Blatman Health and Wellness Center we teach:

The Blatman Method for Understanding and Treating Pain, and this method is based on 5 rules:

  1. You cannot believe the pain comes from where you feel it. Your headache does not come from your head, blood vessels or nerves. Pain in your left arm could be a heart attack. Talk to your friends with knee replacements, and how many still have knee pain?
  2. It is not important or diagnostic what you think the pain feels like, it’s not a nerve. In fact, your brain cannot tell the difference between sharp, dull, achy, stabbing, numbness, tingling, burning, and more. They all can have the same cause.
  3. The only thing you can really believe is what you can touch and feel. And where you are specifically tender is where your fascia is tied in knots, and where the fascia that connects you is injured.
  4. As your body is examined by this method, where you are specifically tender, millimeter by millimeter, represents the injuries and kinks in your fascia from a lifetime of injuries that are the root cause of most of your pain.
  5. Healing – most of the time, no matter how long you have had the pain, and no matter what you have been told is your diagnosis – as quickly as you unkink your fascia, and where you need – get your body to regrow and strengthen how you anchor and hold together on the inside – the pain you had will already be gone.

This applies to common pains like headaches, back pain, and foot pain. It also applies to phantom limb pain, pelvic pain, and other enigmatic pain syndromes.

The Blatman Method for understanding and treating pain has these 5 simple rules that TRUMP most everything else we have been taught about pain.

During your first visit for pain our plan is this triad:

  1. You will feel, learn, and understand the injuries through your lifetime that happened to cause your pain
  2. You will learn and understand what your body needs to do for this pain to go away.
  3. You will be started on a program with physical techniques that you can do mostly yourself, and some of your pain may already be better before you leave the office.

Our work takes many forms, and we have many techniques from which you may benefit in your journey to pain free.

  1. Myofascial release
  2. Trigger point injections
  3. Prolotherapy
  4. Prolozone
  5. Herbal medicines
  6. Peptide therapies
  7. Platelet-rich Plasma
  8. Stem cell therapies
  9. ARPWave therapy
  10. Infrared imaging
  11. IV therapies
  12. Nutrition and genetic based nutrition counseling

Dr Blatman is about changing medicine and how we think about and treat pain. He treats patients in Cincinnati OH and Manhattan NY. You can learn more at YouTube, Instagram.

The Blatman Health and Wellness Center was originally known as The Blatman Pain Clinic. In 1988 Dr. Blatman opened the first clinic in Cincinnati and one of the first in the nation to specialize in treating people with myofascial pain disorders. As the practice evolved it became an Integrative Pain Treatment Center, offering many options for treatment in addition to pain medication. Now the Blatman Health and Wellness Center has a team of clinicians who will help figure out your root causes, and then biohack your biology for healing.

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