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The Future of Regenerative Medicine is Here – With Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell treatments are a relatively new form of therapy for chronic pain with extremely promising findings. As an alternative to surgeries and opioids, stem cell injections can be used to help create new, healthy cells to replace damaged or injured cells by stimulating the body’s healing program at the site of the injury. Stem cells for pain treatment and stem cell therapy for knees are some of the most common of these new treatments, and Dr. Blatman is an expert at the nuances of both.

Dr. Hal S. Blatman

The Science Behind Stem Cell Treatment

A multinational team including American researchers published their findings on stem cell therapy for pain in late 2016.

Growth factors, blood derivatives such as platelet concentrates, and mesenchymal adult stem cells, either expanded or freshly isolated, are advocated amongst the most promising tool for the treatment of osteoarthritis, especially in the early phases.

Live human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (HUCMSCs) can modulate the body’s immune response. Additionally, HUCMSCs can directly differentiate into chondrocytes under appropriate signal transduction. They also have immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory paracrine effects, according to research studies.

The stem cells work by making the immune system respond through various means to rebuild cartilage and bone – stem cells can regrow and repair damaged bone by “signaling.”

Doctors reported that additional studies on stem cell therapy for rebuilding cartilage continue to confirm that stem cells present an attractive treatment option for articular cartilage repair. Articular cartilage is the tissue that provides cushion between bones at your joints, which is why stem cell therapy for knees is becoming such a popular alternative to knee replacement surgery. As doctors in regenerative medicine increase their use of stem cell therapy for chronic pain, they cite the recent expansion of clinical trials investigating their use in patients.

In recent research, doctors addressed the problems of articular cartilage damage and degeneration in joints. Treatment of cartilage tears is a challenge because cartilage is incapable of quality repair and/or regeneration to its native state. But developments in regenerative medicine, specifically stem cell injections, PRP therapy and prolotherapy, have answered that challenge.

Stem cell therapy has been shown to reverse joint disease in selected patients. (See citations below.)

“Regenerative medicine (stem cell therapy) offers the exciting potential of developing alternatives to total joint replacement for treating osteoarthritis.” (See citations below.)

Have You Considered Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy?

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Our stem procedures are the world’s most advanced stem cell and blood platelet therapies for treating orthopedic injuries, arthritis and other degenerative conditions which cause chronic pain.

Our stem cell procedures use precise injections of live stem cells at the site(s) of damage or degeneration. Adult stem cell therapy uses stem cells from your own body, injected in a concentrated form. Our other type of stem cell therapy uses human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (HUCMSCs), the most effective form, to help your body’s ability to heal damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, spinal disc and bone. Any HUCMSC’s we use are from umbilical cords of live, healthy births from mothers who donated the umbilical tissue. We never use embryonic stem cells in any of our treatments.

Stem cell therapy offers an affordable alternative to the cost and stress of surgery. Most patients require only one visit, but some conditions require a second deployment. Our affordable screening consultations are directly with Dr. Blatman, who will also perform your procedure.

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Thank you for considering Blatman Health and Wellness. With locations in Cincinnati, OH, and New York, NY, we focus on staying at the forefront of regenerative medicine. We use holistic, comprehensive treatments meant to treat the problem, not the symptoms. Because our regenerative treatments like stem cell therapy and PRP treatments don’t use man-made materials or foreign chemicals, they are extremely safe, not to mention non-invasive.

Blatman Health and Wellness is one of the most experienced stem cell and platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) clinics in the country. We see patients from all over the world!

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