Detoxification is a great buzzword of the day. And it is so very important because we live in a very toxic world. BBC news recently reported that a Scandinavian study shows that rainwater all over the world is no longer safe to drink because of all the forever chemicals it contains.

Dr. Blatman has been a clinical toxicologist since residency training in Occupational and Environmental Medicine many years ago. He has used various methods over the years and has developed very effective and safe protocols to help clear our bodies of destructive chemicals and heavy metals.

There are many parts to cleaning our bodies. First is to learn to stop signing up for more of a toxic burden. There are foods to not eat, and chemicals to avoid. There are water filters for drinking water and for shower water. Safe water is so very important and filters are less costly and more effective.

Our liver is our main detoxification organ. Herbal medicines and liver cleanses can be helpful. Liver function can also often be improved.

Our colon is also a detoxification organ, and colon cleanses vary widely with much the same goals. A well-functioning colon is very important for health.

Skin is also an important detoxification organ. Perhaps one of the reasons for pimples. Skin detoxification can be enhanced with far infrared and full spectrum infrared sauna.

And then there is your mouth. If you come see us for breast or prostate health, you will likely get your mouth scum looked at under the dark field microscope. It is thought that the mouth bacteria and toxicity seed the breast for breast cancer and the prostate for prostate cancer.

Lastly, as we age our mitochondria (thousands of energy factories in each cell) become less efficient with toxicity and abuse by the various stressors in our environment. You might be 50 year old and working with 70 year old functioning mitochondria. We offer intravenous treatments that boost and restore mitochondrial function. If for example your liver cells can make the energy they need to do their job better, your liver will detoxify you more effectively.

The Blatman Health and Wellness Center was originally known as The Blatman Pain Clinic. In 1988 Dr. Blatman opened the first clinic in Cincinnati and one of the first in the nation to specialize in treating people with myofascial pain disorders. As the practice evolved it became an Integrative Pain Treatment Center, offering many options for treatment in addition to pain medication. Now the Blatman Health and Wellness Center has a team of clinicians who will help figure out your root causes, and then biohack your biology for healing.

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