What is Prolotherapy?

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Prolotherapy is a type of regenerative medicine used as treatments for torn tendons, joint disease and sports injuries. It’s also used as a therapy for back and knee pain. All prolotherapy involves is injecting an inactive, natural irritant – most commonly saline (salt solution) or dextrose (sugar solution) – into the site of injury or pain. The irritant is supposed to trigger the body’s healing program at that location, but more importantly it unkink the fascia cords and strings in your tendons and ligaments. May times this therapy provides immediate and long lasting pain relief when done at our centers. A decent number of studies have shown that most people treated with prolotherapy reported increased function and decreased pain long-term after the procedure, sometimes at rates of 80-90%.

Pros vs. Cons of Prolotherapy

Since it is a type of regenerative medicine, prolotherapy has a lot of advantages to traditional treatments for pain like pharmaceuticals. But, still, it isn’t without its risks. Here are some pros and cons of prolotherapy:


  • Natural, permanent treatment
  • Increased joint and tendon strength
  • Long-term reduced pain
  • Long-term increased function


  • Allergic reaction to irritants-does not occur with our techniques because we do not use irritants.
  • Bleeding, bruising and swelling at the injection site
  • Nerve and/or tissue damage which is extremely rare with our techniques

Our health and wellness center focuses specifically on treatments for pain and injury that fall under the umbrella of regenerative medicine. We specialize in natural, non-invasive, holistic treatments that will increase your quality of life without the risks that medications and surgeries carry.

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