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New Research Could Change How We Harvest Stem Cells for Therapy

New research from the University of Copenhagen challenges traditional understanding of how stem cells work — and even suggests all immature cells could be developed into stem cells. The study found that the destiny of intestinal cells is not predetermined — and instead grow according

Dr. Hal S. Blatman

Dr. Blatman – Live on The Debbie Nigro Show – 7/23/19

Dr. Hal Blatman will be on live with Debbie Nigro, Tuesday July 23, 2019. Dr. Blatman’s segment will begin at approximately 11:20 am. From The Debbie Nigro Website: The Debbie Nigro Show ‘LIVE’ Monday – Friday 11am-12pm EST News Talk AM 1490 WGCH Greenwich CT/ Fairfield County/ Westchester

6 Techniques to Relieve Fibromyalgia Naturally

Nobody understands fibromyalgia better than the people who suffer from it. To most, it’s an abstract medical term. To those who live with it, fibromyalgia is a life altering disease that makes it hard to get out of bed some days, much less function on

6 Natural Ways to Feel Younger & Healthier

Age is not just a number. Take a look at your classmates on Facebook. Many will look years apart — some will look their age, others will seem to be decades older than the rest, a few lucky ones won’t seem to have aged at

The Benefits of CBD for Pain, Depression, Anxiety & More

Many of our patients are interested in the health benefits of medical marijuana — but are understandably concerned about the high. They’re not interested in taking something that’s psychoactive. They’re worried about how cannabis could affect their thinking. And yet they suffer serious pain —

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