Treating Disease with Regenerative Medicine

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Regenerative medicine is an exciting new branch of medicine that seeks to promote the body’s natural healing response. In regenerative medicine, it’s believed that many degenerative diseases can be healed – just like when you have a cut and your skin repairs itself.

However, in issues like joint deterioration, the body is in a disease state and it does not the capability to heal from within. In these types of situations, regenerative medicine may be beneficial.

PRP injections or stem cell treatments are two popular options often used in this branch of medicine.

A Look at PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich-plasma treatment is a form of therapy that uses your body’s very own plasma to spark a healing response in injury or degeneration. If you’ve ever noticed that when you cut yourself, a pool of blood forms around the cut. This is because your blood contains numerous healing nutrients and growth factors that can speed up tissue repair. The main issue with some types of degeneration is that there is limited blood flow, such as in the knee joint. In this type of treatment, a PRP doctor withdraws a plasma from the patient, concentrates it in a centrifugal machine and then directly injects it into the injury. It’s believed that these nutrients can promote healing from within and increase cellular tissue repair.

Stem Cell Injections for Pain

Stem cell therapy, another form of treatment used by a regenerative medicine specialist, involves the use of your body’s own stem cells. Stem cells are extraordinary cells that have the ability to divide themselves and repair damaged tissue.

What Conditions Benefit from PRP and Stem Cells?

There are a large number of conditions that can benefit from the use of these therapies, including conditions that involve pain, and joint-related problems.

Stem cells are commonly used to help avoid knee replacements and other major surgeries. If you’re suffering from a condition that involves consistent pain or is joint-related, stem cells or PRP may be beneficial for you.

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