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erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction: Specific Foods May Help With ED Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is not an uncommon problem. The result is the inability to have an erect penis, and the inability to engage in sexual intimacy through intercourse. This problem is frustrating for both partners, as sexual dysfunction can often lead to marital problems. Some men are reluctant

running exercise

Statin Use and Tendon Injuries

Statin medications have been prescribed for people with cholesterol problems long enough for generics to be available. During this time there have been varying reports with regard to their benefits as well as their dangers. Most doctors know to look for liver problems and muscle

International Women’s Day 3-8-2015 CureJoy

Pelvic Pain and Sexual Rejuvenation by Hal S Blatman, MD Medical care for women’s sexual needs lags far behind what is available for men. Personal issues of pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, and stress incontinence have not received the level of attention that has been given

Scoliosis-New Ideas for Etiology and Treatment

Scoliosis-New Ideas for Etiology and Treatment Scoliosis is a spinal curvature that develops in children during their growing years. It results in a three-dimensional deformity that leaves the spine growing in a spiral. Curves of more than 25º are reported to occur at the rate

Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common condition that can affect anyone who repetitively uses his or her forearms and hands. It is generally accepted that this condition is caused by repetitive hand and finger motion, leading to inflammation and swelling of tendons that go

Ice or Heat for Acute Inflammation Treatment??

Inflammation Treatment When injuries occur, even when they are minor and come from a sport we regularly play or just finished playing, we have been taught to apply: Ice Rest Elevation Compressive wrap Take NSAID medication to reduce the swelling After thinking this through however,

Small Fiber Neuropathy

Recently there has been more written about fibromyalgia being related to something called “small fiber neuropathy.” A study reported in a medical journal called ‘Pain’ was published in November, 2013. The authors compared skin biopsies of fibromyalgia and normal control subjects and found that 41%

Nutritional Supplement Controversy

There have been several articles and news reports recently suggesting that nutritional supplements are a waste of money. It might have been different if the articles had said that some people are helped, some are harmed, and it doesn’t matter if you get your vitamins

shoulder pain

What is Fibromyalgia?

What is Fibromyalgia? The diagnosis of fibromyalgia has been a controversial topic for many years. It is not a new concept, and in the early 1900’s it was referred to as muscular rheumatism and other names. In the later 1900’s doctors agreed to the diagnosis

Myofascial Pain

Muscles can cause many seemingly different pain conditions. Pulled muscles can cause mild soreness, as well as very severe sharp and stabling or radiating pain. Old injuries like recurrent back and shoulder problems that seem to “act up” after certain physical activities are mostly related

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