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Massage Therapy for Stress and Pain Relief

Stress affects millions of people globally every day. Furthermore, pain is a common effect of excessive stress. When stressed, we can go about our day without realizing how sore our body is. Furthermore, our hectic world can aggravate stress and pain even more. Stress: The

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Nutritional Deficiencies: An American Epidemic

A healthy diet is the primary source of the minerals and vitamins we need for mental and physiological functioning. Yet despite how crucial these nutrients are, almost 90% of the U.S. population is nutritionally deficient. How can this be? There are several reasons why the

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Research Backs Up the Effectiveness of PRP Injections

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are becoming increasingly popular in many realms of medicine. Patients in Cincinnati seek PRP injections to treat multiple conditions, including hair loss, sports injuries, and arthritis. You may wonder if all the attention toward PRP therapy is nothing more than hype.

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Leaky Gut and Athletes

The intestinal barrier is part of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which is only one thick cell layer. Typically, it’s porous enough to allow for the absorption of nutrients while preventing large molecules and bacteria from getting into the bloodstream. ‘Leaky gut’ occurs when this intestinal

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Treat Fascial Pain with Injection Therapy

When you get a headache or suffer a back spasm, is it due to an issue originating in those areas of the body? It’s likely not, despite what you think or may have been told. To find the real source of the pain and treat

Exercise Can Help Overcome Loss of Bladder Control

Loss of bladder control, sometimes referred to as urinary stress incontinence, can impact your daily life. An unexpected cough or sneeze can trigger urine leakage, leading to discomfort and even embarrassment. Fortunately, targeted physical activity and support from a qualified integrative medical provider in Cincinnati

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Reducing Arthritic Pain

Imagine that every step you take feels like a symphony of creaks and cracks. This is a common experience of people with osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis. This condition impacts millions of people around the world. When the cartilage cushioning joints begin to

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Mastering The Art of Change: Applying Integrative Wisdom

When alleviating pain, reducing suffering, and helping people restore their quality of life, there’s a tendency to try to speed up progress. Some of us might become impatient with people who appear stuck in the old ways of doing things. Change Takes a While The

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Hurts, But There Are Solutions

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a painful condition caused by compression of the median nerve that runs from your forearm to the palm of your hand. CTS usually worsens with repetitive use of your hands and wrists, particularly from activities such as typing, sports-related movements,

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Medical Professionals Who Understand Fibromyalgia Do Exist

Symptoms of fibromyalgia tend to vary from person to person. However, there is one indication that’s constant among most patients—frustration. The one common denominator among sufferers is the difficulty in finding a fibromyalgia physician who acknowledges their condition and takes their experiences seriously. Instead, many

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Where Does Pain Come From? (VIDEO)

Did you know that the food you eat can actually be causing the pain you are having? Has your doctor ever really touched you and provided a thorough exam? Our process to determine your pain is quite different than what you are used to. If your

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Alternative Treatment Method

Learn about an alternative treatment to dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Blatman Health and Wellness Center has demonstrated a 90% success rate of relieving numbness and pain with little downtime for most people. This is in contrast to Carpal Tunnel Surgery that many other doctors recommend,

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Managing Lower Back Pain At Home

We at Blatman Health and Wellness Center want you to be healthy and pain-free. However, your quality of life can be compromised when you’re constantly dealing with lower back pain. We offer various treatments aimed at eliminating your pain and discomfort. Treating back pain requires

Guest Blog: Addiction and Emotional Polarity Technique

Guest Blog by Sue McLaughlin – Certified EPT Practitioner & Founder of Inner Source Living The term Dry Drunk is used to refer to the recovered alcoholic who has stopped drinking but has not address the “Why” behind the drinking nor the effects of what it

The Myofascial Pain Conference Workshop: April 22-24, 2016

Rehabilitation & Myofascial Series Pain Treatment Dry Needling and Trigger Point Hands-On WORKSHOP: For Pain in Upper Back, Lower Back, and Pelvis. Applications for Platelet Rich Plasma. Joint Provided by: Hal Blatman, MD, Kyle Danemayer, PT (Blatman Health and Wellness Center) & TriHealth April 22 – 24, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Migraines – Some Causes And Natural Ways To Alleviate Pain

While the exact mechanisms behind migraine headaches are not fully understood, we do know that specific foods, environmental factors, and even some over-the-counter headache medicines can trigger migraines. There is also an ever-increasing body of knowledge about effective ways to prevent migraines without the use of

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