Treating Scoliosis: Alternatives to Spinal Fusion?


Scoliosis can be a devastating condition, leading to feelings of self-consciousness, especially among children. Treatments can vary, but most cases are mild enough not to warrant extensive intervention.

While wearing a back brace is a common way to treat scoliosis, it does have its limitations. Moreover, many holistic and integrative clinics recommend yoga and other holistic therapies as alternatives. Here, we examine the downsides of traditional scoliosis treatments and explore the healing benefits of integrative medicine.

Traditional Approaches and Their Limitations

Many doctors prescribe back braces for some patients with scoliosis. The primary purpose of a brace is to help prevent the spinal curvature from progressing. However, a back brace has its downsides:

  • It doesn’t cure or reverse scoliosis.
  • It may help prevent further progression, but more long-term studies are necessary to show this.
  • It offers the best results when the wearer is still a child.
  • Unfortunately, it may not be well-received by a child’s peers and could be a source of teasing.

While bracing is the most well-known method, some doctors recommend spinal fusion for more severe and rapidly progressive cases of scoliosis. Spinal fusion surgery involves using bone grafts, metal rods, or screws to fuse or join two or more vertebrae. The purpose of fusing vertebrae together is to improve overall alignment, correct the curvature, and prevent further progression.

Unfortunately, spinal fusion, like most surgeries, can have complications like infection, bleeding, and pain. Also, some bone grafts don’t fuse successfully, which requires the patient to undergo additional surgery to correct this problem.

More Natural Methods for Treating Scoliosis

There is hope for people with scoliosis who seek treatment. Instead of invasive surgery or ineffective back bracing, patients can turn to an integrative medical practice for alternative therapies that don’t come with the risks and complications.

Blatman Health and Wellness Center has pioneered a new scoliosis treatment in Cincinnati. Dr. Blatman and his team understand that the underlying cause of scoliosis is typically a defect or knotting in the fascial system, the connective tissues protecting and holding the body and spine together. Inserting a small needle can help release this fascial knotting, allowing the spine to uncoil and straighten. This treatment has been used successfully with several children, some whose curvature was no longer noticeable one year after treatment.

Another scoliosis treatment alternative is yoga. Although it’s not necessarily a cure for every case, yoga can reduce pain and strengthen the muscles around the spine, contributing to better alignment. One study found that daily yoga has the potential to reverse spine curvature. Patients may also consider combining yoga with chiropractic adjustments, massage, and back stretching.

Scoliosis Treatment from an Integrative Health Practitioner

If you or a loved one have scoliosis and want a non-surgical alternative, contact Blatman Health and Wellness Center. We provide regenerative therapies for health fascial damage, and our practitioners can also recommend chiropractic care, massage, and other natural treatments that improve your overall well-being.

Some individuals with scoliosis have opted to install a metal rod in their back. As with any surgery, patients should consider the risks and investigate alternatives to back surgery before undergoing a major procedure.

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