Yoga: An Alternative to Spinal Fusion?


Wondering how is scoliosis treated? It depends on a few different factors. Most cases of scoliosis are mild and may not require treatment. Back braces are a popular option that may help prevent spinal curvature from progressing. However, there are some downsides to bracing:

  • They do not reverse scoliosis
  • Braces may help prevent further progression but there are no long-term studies to show this.
  • For best results, they should be used when one is still a child.
  • Unfortunately, back braces may not be well-received by a child’s peers and could be a source of teasing.

While bracing is the most well-known method, there are other therapeutic options that deserve further research. One recently performed study has shown that daily yoga has the potential to reverse spine curvature. Patients may also want to consider combining yoga with chiropractic adjustments, massage, and back stretching as well.

Other Methods for Treating Scoliosis

Our health and wellness clinic has pioneered a new scoliosis treatment in Cincinnati based off the belief it is caused by a defect in the fascial system. Using a small needle, the cord of fascia can be released, allowing the spine to straighten over time. This treatment has been used successfully with a 10-year old child whose curvature was no longer noticeable one year after treatment.

Some individuals with scoliosis have opted to install a metal rod in their back. As with any surgery, patients should consider the risks and investigate alternatives to back surgery before undergoing a major procedure.

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