Understanding Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain can be excruciating, mild, continuous, or a totally incapacitating condition where signals of pain remain active in your nervous system for months or even years. The common sources of chronic pain include joint pain, headaches, backaches, muscle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sinus pain, tendinitis and pain from an injury, just to name a few.

In most occasions, the chronic pain originates from an initial injury, infection or from the presence of an ongoing cause of pain. However, some people suffer from this condition without any past injury or history of body damage. The effective treatment methods should address the psychological and physical aspects in order to deal with the mind-body links associated to this condition.

Some emotional factors such as depression, stress, anxiety, fatigue and anger can worsen the condition because they interact in complex ways and may also decrease the production of natural painkillers within the body. Furthermore, negative psychological feelings can also increase the elements that amplify sensations of pain, resulting in a vicious cycle that can affect a person mentally and physically.

Effective Natural Non-Medical Ways To Alleviate Chronic Pain

The main objective of using non-medical treatment methods is to alleviate chronic pain without your body developing dependence on pain reliever medications. There are several non-medical remedies that alleviate chronic pain, but it is imperative to note that some of these treatments may be more suitable to a condition triggered by a certain cause. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a health and wellness doctor practicing integrative medicine, like Dr. Hal Blatman of the Blatman Health and Wellness Center, to guide you on the best treatment methods for your condition. Nevertheless, some of the most effective non-medical chronic pain treatment methods include:


Regular exercising offers many benefits to individuals dealing with many different pain conditions. Studies have shown that physical exercise can help alleviate pain and also boost your energy and mood. Exercise encourages the release of natural pain relievers in the body that block pain signals from reaching your brain. They also help alleviate conditions that exacerbate pain such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Healthy Eating & Supplements

There are certain types of diets, supplements and vitamins that can help alleviate certain types of pain. For example, depending on the cause of your condition, a wellness doctor like Dr. Blatman can encourage and help you to avoid sugar and gluten or encourage you to take more fish oil, glucosamine and topical capsaicin among other diets. There are many terrific supplement options in the Blatman Health and Wellness Center Store.

Eating healthy foods and exercising, as well as taking the correct supplements can all assist with managing and healing your chronic pain. For more information about chronic pain and to schedule a consultation in our Cincinnati office, please contact us today.

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