Treat Fascial Pain with Injection Therapy

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When you get a headache or suffer a back spasm, is it due to an issue originating in those areas of the body? It’s likely not, despite what you think or may have been told.

To find the real source of the pain and treat it, you need to understand fascia and myofascia, the tissues holding your body together. Understanding the anatomy of fascia and the response of fascia to injury holds the key to identifying and treating pain for good.

What is the Real Reason for Most Pain?

Understanding pain requires a discussion of fascia, the connective tissue beneath and through the skin that runs throughout your body. The fascia system keeps your organs in place and holds everything together. Myofascia refers to the integration of fascia holding muscle cells together and actually making a muscle.

Pain often occurs when fascia and myofascia get damaged or tangled up, leading to chronic pain and stiffness. When you feel painful “knots” in the muscle of your back, buttocks, upper shoulders, and other areas, these knots are also called trigger points, areas of more extreme tightness within a ropey bad of muscle that can occur after trauma or injury. These painful areas are often described as a ball of pain or a muscle spasm.

Using Injection Therapy to Treat Myofascial Pain

For our patients in Cincinnati, treating the pain in the back and other areas requires dealing directly with the trigger points. Otherwise, they could linger for a lifetime.

One of the most effective and safest ways to treat trigger-point pain is with injection therapy. Trigger-point injection treatment involves inserting a small needle directly into the focal point in the myofascial, and injecting medications that could include analgesics but never corticosteroids. Your provider might also use dry needling, which involves inserting solid needles that don’t deliver any medication. In his workshops, Dr Blatman teaches doctors to not ever use steroid or cortisone for injecting trigger points.

Most patients feel positive about trigger-point injections. They are an excellent primary or supplemental treatment for most any pain in the musculoskeletal system.

Freedom from Pain with Injection Therapy Close to Home

Without intervention, trigger points may last a lifetime and cause continued pain. With the availability of injection therapy, there’s no need to suffer. The Blatman Health and Wellness Center team can help you address your chronic pain and generate the best treatment plan for you.

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