Tarek El Moussa Has Stem Cell Injections for Back Pain

back pain

Tarek El Moussa, a TV reality star on HGTV’s “Flip or Flop”, recently underwent stem cell therapy for his chronic back pain. Unfortunately, Moussa had to rely on a cocktail of pain medication after injuring his back. While his stem cell therapy happened only recently, he’s reported significant relief from pain already.

Stem Cells: An Alternative to Spinal Fusion?

Many people who try stem cells often suffer from severe back pain. In some cases, this pain is from an injury or accident that occurred earlier in life. In these situations, doctors recommend that the patients undergo what’s known as a spinal fusion. In this procedure, patients have part of their vertebrae “welded” together. It’s not a procedure that’s reversable and it often comes with serious risks and costs. And to make matters worse, there’s no guarantee that patients will experience any relief.

Now, more and more patients are turning to stem cells as a non-invasive way to experience relief.

A Way Out of the Opioid Crisis

In America, chronic opioid use is a serious concern. Because these drugs are easy to get addicted to, many patients end up reliant on them. And if doctors stop prescribing them, patients often go through withdrawal and turn to even more dangerous drugs like heroin.

Unfortunately, in Western Medicine, there are very limited treatment options for back pain. In most cases, patients are prescribed painkillers and sent home. And while physical therapy and back braces can be helpful, they’re not always enough. Many patients often require significant therapy and a combination of treatments, lifestyle changes, and dietary changes before severe back pain is reduced. One of these treatments, stem cell therapy, has shown to be exceptionally effective when it comes to reducing or even eliminating back pain entirely. While further research is needed, current evidence suggests that stem cells may be a good alternative to both surgery and opioids.

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