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3 Reasons Stem Cells Can Be Beneficial to Healing

Stem cell treatment is an emerging approach in regenerative medicine that is already showing great potential benefits. It is a less invasive treatment than traditional surgery but may provide lasting pain relief for shoulders, neck, back or other nerve pain without an over reliance on

Stem cells

Your Top 8 Stem Cell Treatment Questions Answered

At our Cincinnati health and wellness center, our Cincinnati patients ask us lots of questions about stem cells. That’s understandable as this regenerative approach to medicine is still in its early stages of research and development. Nevertheless, we’ve seen lasting benefits from the treatment in

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Therapy with Stem Cells: Things You Should Know

Stem cell therapy is used around the world for various conditions ranging from heart problems and autoimmune diseases to joint conditions and even anti-aging. However, just because these treatments are offered does not mean there’s evidence to back their efficacy. The first thing to understand

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Stem Cell Alternative to Knee Replacement 

More and more patients are turning to stem cell therapy for their joint problems instead of invasive therapy. But how do stem cells work? Learn more here.  Is Stem Cell Therapy a Good Substitute for Knee Replacement? It’s well known that knee replacement surgery isn’t a risk-free operation. Furthermore, a replacement

Stem cells

Stem Cell Treatment Helps Improve Joint Issues in a Dog 

When Julia Szabo and her dog Sam began to experience health conditions, they turned to stem cell treatment for help. Find out how stem cells helped them here.  Stem Cells Helps Dog & Owner Recover  When Julia Szabo’s dog, Sam, collapsed from arthritis, she knew she

Dr.Hal Blatman and Dr. David Ellison

Free Seminar – Stem Cells In Medicine – 12/11/17

Chronic Pain? Is Stem Cell Therapy For You? Join us! Regen Regenerative Medical Centers Presents: Stem Cells In Medicine – A FREE Educational Dinner Seminar Monday December 11th, at 7:00 PM Happy Hormone Cottage 6860 Tylersville Rd Suite 9 Mason, Ohio 45040 GET DIRECTIONS Seating

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