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stem cell regenerative therapy

Stem Cell Joint Treatment Performed on Siberian Tiger

Igor, a 13-year old tiger at Szeged Zoo in South Hungary recently received joint therapy using stem cells. For years Igor suffered from debilitating joint pain. Veterinarians at the zoo hope the procedure will help reduce Igor’s pain and improve mobility just like it has

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Stem Cell Alternative to Knee Replacement 

More and more patients are turning to stem cell therapy for their joint problems instead of invasive therapy. But how do stem cells work? Learn more here.  Is Stem Cell Therapy a Good Substitute for Knee Replacement? It’s well known that knee replacement surgery isn’t a risk-free operation. Furthermore, a replacement

knee joint

Traditional Bone Broth May Hold the Key to Joint Problems

Bone broth has a rich history, dating back to over 2,000 years ago. Back then, civilizations made use of the entire animal, frequently boiling leftover bones and consuming the broth. Research has shown that bone broth contains numerous beneficial compounds that serve as the building

turmeric blatman

Turmeric: A Household Remedy for Natural Pain Relief

Do you love Indian food? Is turmeric an essential ingredient in your kitchen’s spice rack? If so, you have access to an effective natural remedy for pain. Turmeric contains numerous beneficial compounds with potent biological effects on the human body. Learn about the healing properties

knee pain arthritis

Reducing Arthritic Pain

Imagine that every step you take feels like a symphony of creaks and cracks. This is a common experience of people with osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis. This condition impacts millions of people around the world. When the cartilage cushioning joints begin to

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