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medical marijuana

Cannabis and Inflammation: Can It Replace Pain Pills?

Over-the-counter pain pills can be an effective treatment for some types of pain. However, just because they’re effective does not mean they’re safe. Pain pills like Advil and Tylenol work by blocking the body’s COX-1 & COX-2 enzymes. The blocking of COX enzymes helps stop

medical marijuana

Is Cannabis the Answer to the Nation’s Opioid Epidemic?

In one of many studies, researchers found that patients with opioid prescriptions preferred using cannabis for pain instead. And in another study, hospitalizations and treatment for opioid abuse dropped by 23% in states that legalized medical marijuana. According to the Department of Health & Human

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Is Medical Marijuana the Solution to Opioid Addiction? 

As tens of thousands of Americans die every year from opioid addiction, some clinics are looking for alternative ways to help patients manage pain. Part of the problem is how traditional medicine views conditions like chronic pain. Unfortunately, the current standard involves treating symptoms instead of the

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