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The Growth & Development of Ohio’s Blooming CBD Market

Since CBD was legalized in Ohio when Senate Bill 57 became law in July, the number of businesses selling the product has been growing, well, like a weed. Exact numbers are cloudy, since the Ohio Secretary of State, which records new business filings in the

medical marijuana

Ohio’s First Recall on Medical Marijuana Issued

Ohio issued its first medical marijuana recalls after 3 products failed mandatory state tests. The recalls include for Pineapple Express Rosin, Blue Boi Z7, and Afghani #1 rosin. All three are made by One Orijin, a Columbus-based manufacturer owned by Schottenstein Aphria. Medical Cannabis Plants

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Ohio’s Marijuana Dispensaries Struggle to Open

It’s understandable that medical marijuana patients are feeling pretty frustrated across the state. Out of 56 dispensaries that have been authorized to supply medical cannabis throughout the state, only 26 are operational — nearly half, as of August 21. Those 56 may have provisional licenses,

Ohio Officially Legalizes CBD Oil

It’s official. CBD products, including CBD oil, is now legal and will soon be regularly featured on Cincinnati store shelves. In July, the Ohio General Assembly passed Senate Bill 57 decriminalizing hemp and CBD products — effectively legalizing the growth, harvesting, and sale of such

Ohio Among States Cracking Down on CBD Sales

We recently wrote about how the nation’s Farm Bill, signed by President Trump at the end of last year, and how it effectively ended CBD prohibition by classifying it as hemp if it met a low enough THC ratio. The catch is cities and states

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Will Ohio Have Edible Medical Marijuana?

A popular form of medical marijuana, edibles, might be in short supply when Ohio finally starts up its medical marijuana program. According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, the Ohio Department of Commerce is having some difficulty trying to find reputable suppliers for cannabis

medical marijuana

Efforts to Delay Ohio’s New Cannabis Program Fail in Court

The Ohio medical marijuana program is set to continue as scheduled after a group of cannabis growers who were denied in their applications filed appeals with the court. If the request was granted, The Department of Commerce suggested it could delay the introduction of medical

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