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Yes, Most Medical Marijuana Patients Use It to Treat Pain

Can medical marijuana be used to treat chronic pain? Absolutely! “Pain that is either chronic and severe or intractable” is one of the 23 conditions recognized by the State of Ohio as being treatable with medical cannabis. In fact, most people who use medical cannabis

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Ohio Medical Marijuana Program Status 

2018 is an exciting new year for Ohioans who are expecting medical marijuana to become available by September. Learn more about the program status here.  2018 Ohio Medical Marijuana Progress   The Ohio Medical Marijuana License Program continues to steadily progress as we move into the year 2018.

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What You Should Know About Chronic Pain and Cannabis Edibles

If you plan on applying for a medical marijuana card in Cincinnati or elsewhere in Ohio, it’s important to understand that cannabis is available in multiple different forms and that each form can have varying affects once dosed. One such form that patients should be

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