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Stem cells

Your Top 8 Stem Cell Treatment Questions Answered

At our Cincinnati health and wellness center, our Cincinnati patients ask us lots of questions about stem cells. That’s understandable as this regenerative approach to medicine is still in its early stages of research and development. Nevertheless, we’ve seen lasting benefits from the treatment in

knee joint

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees Helps Eddie George

Eddie George, a former professional American Football Player recently received stem cell injections into both of his knees on July 28th. George played as a running back for 9 seasons in the NFL. He was a part of famous teams including the Tennessee Titans and

stem cell regenerative therapy

Alternatives to Meniscectomy

If you’re suffering from a meniscus tear, there are usually two different options when it comes to conventional treatment: surgery (meniscectomy) or physical therapy. With physical therapy, the primary goal is to strengthen the surrounding muscles, which help takes the strain off the tear. On

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