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Are Stem Cells Worth the Price Tag?

When it comes to stem cells, more people are choosing to use them over invasive surgeries. But how much do stem cells cost and are they worth the price tag? Let’s take a look. One of the primary concerns with stem cell treatment is the

Stem cells

Rejuvenating Your Knees with Stem Cells

Stem cells are getting praised all around the world for their miraculous ability to rejuvenate aging and damaged joints, skin, organs, and more. Stem cells could be considered a kind of “master cell” that can replicate themselves infinitely, becoming practically any kind of cell in

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Therapy with Stem Cells: Things You Should Know

Stem cell therapy is used around the world for various conditions ranging from heart problems and autoimmune diseases to joint conditions and even anti-aging. However, just because these treatments are offered does not mean there’s evidence to back their efficacy. The first thing to understand

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Epidural Steroid Injections Could Cause Health Problems

Steroid injections, also known as cortisone shots, are a type of injection used to help relieve pain in the body. Steroids are commonly injected into joints and are particularly popular for people who suffer from arthritis. While steroids might help provide some relief from pain

Stem cells

Stem Cell Treatment Helps Improve Joint Issues in a Dog 

When Julia Szabo and her dog Sam began to experience health conditions, they turned to stem cell treatment for help. Find out how stem cells helped them here.  Stem Cells Helps Dog & Owner Recover  When Julia Szabo’s dog, Sam, collapsed from arthritis, she knew she

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Researchers Study Stem Cell Therapy for Cartilage Repair 

Researchers at Osaka University recently developed a new type of stem cell treatment that may be able to help patients with joint pain. Learn more here.  Japanese Researchers Investigate Stem Cell Treatment Japanese researchers at Osaka University have created a new type of stem cell treatment to help patients with

Stem cells

Treating Knee Pain and Joint Damage with Stem Cells

As we age, certain parts of our body wear down overtime. You may have even noticed that over the years you’ve experienced an increased number of aches, pains, and stiffness. One of the more fragile areas of the body that’s particularly susceptible to damage are

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Improve Your Joints by Combining These 3 Supplements 

With nearly 80 million adults in America expected to be diagnosed with arthritis by 2040, joint pain is a serious concern. By taking preventative measures sooner rather than later, you may be able to reduce your risk of joint problems down the road. We’ve scoped

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