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What Exactly Is Integrative Medicine?

Are you tired of being treated by doctors who only seem to see you as your disease or condition? Do you long for care that considers other factors besides physical health, like nutrition and emotional well-being? If prescription drugs and traditional medicine are not making


Peptide Therapy: The Building Blocks of Healing?

A buzz word in the current cosmetics and skincare industries, peptides are short-chain amino acids that are considered the building blocks of proteins. They are not complete amino acid chains, but they provide the parts and pieces for protein synthesis in the body. And because

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What is Tissue Engineering?

Tissue engineering is exactly what it sounds like; doctors create tissues in the lab to aid the body in healing damaged areas. Tissue engineering can aid injection therapies like stem cell treatments and platelet-rich-plasma treatment. Injection treatments simply inject cells into the damaged tissue to

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Mastering The Art of Change: Applying Integrative Wisdom

When alleviating pain, reducing suffering, and helping people restore their quality of life, there’s a tendency to try to speed up progress. Some of us might become impatient with people who appear stuck in the old ways of doing things. Change Takes a While The

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