Stem Cells and Vision Loss: A Potential Solution? 

stem cells regenerative therapy

In an exciting new discovery, scientists in the UK have found that stem cell treatment may have the potential to restore eyesight and improve vision loss.  

Scientists Discover New Approach to Healing Retina 

In yet another stem cell miracle, scientists in the UK have discovered that stem cell therapy may help with vision loss. When damage occurs to the eye, it’s often very difficult if not impossible to fix. This is because the eye is a very sensitive area with a complicated set of nerves. When one experiences vision loss as a result of damage to the eye, it’s extremely difficult to repair. Unfortunately, most people are left with diminished vision after an eye injury.  

Researchers at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology decided to try implanting stem cells derived from an embryo into the eye. The results of the research show that stem cell transplants have a positive effect on retina burns. The researchers also found that stem cells were able to help the eyes “reconnect” to the nerves – something that is impossible with modern surgery or treatments.  

While stem cell research is still in the preliminary stages, scientists expect more great breakthroughs over the next decade.  

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