Stem Cell Treatment for Lower Back Pain

sciatica back pain

Lower back pain is a condition that will affect 80% of Americans sometime during their lives and is the single leading cause of disability in the world.

While the elderly is most at risk, Americans from all age groups are susceptible.

While there are a significant number of potential causes for lower back pain, disc degeneration is one of the more serious and common reasons.

Disc degeneration, or osteoarthritis, is when the disc of your spine begins to breakdown. As the discs begin to weaken, more pressure is placed on the nerves in the spine which can lead to pain and other conditions.

Degeneration can take many years or even decades. If left untreated, patients can experience a wide range of issues including chronic pain, nerve conditions, and more.

Stem Cells for Back Pain: New Study Shows Promise

A study performed in 2016 found that patients with lower back pain experienced immediate relief after only one stem cell injection. Furthermore, the patients in the trial reported no side effects or adverse reactions. This is exciting news, as osteoarthritis treatment often involves the use of multiple drugs and therapies, usually over a long period of time. If stem cells can produce an immediate reduction in pain after just one injection, it is only a matter of time before this becomes one of the primary treatments for joint pain.

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