Stem Cell Treatment Helps Improve Joint Issues in a Dog 

Stem cells

When Julia Szabo and her dog Sam began to experience health conditions, they turned to stem cell treatment for help. Find out how stem cells helped them here. 

Stem Cells Helps Dog & Owner Recover 

When Julia Szabo’s dog, Sam, collapsed from arthritis, she knew she had to do something. Desperate for a solution, she stumbled upon using stem cells for arthritis. After her vet injected Sam with his own stem cell supply, Szabo noticed almost immediate improvement. To everyone’s astonishment, Sam’s mobility significantly improved, and he lived to the ripe old age of 17 in dog years.  

Not long after, Szabo began suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a condition that affects the large intestine. Szabo received stem cell treatment just like her dog Sam and miraculously recovered from IBS.  

Julia Szabo and her dog’s story are just one of countless stories of people who’ve experienced incredible recovery from the use of stem cells. As current research and availability of stem cell injections begin to increase over the next decade, we expect to hear many more stories from patients who’ve experienced the healing powers of stem cells.  

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