Stem Cell Therapy

Why work with Dr. Blatman for stem cell therapies?

Dr. Blatman has been treating patients with PRP platelet-rich plasma for more than 13 years. He helped pioneer this technology for restoration of joint cartilage and injured tendons and ligaments. He has taught doctors how to use these treatments in continuing education courses since the early 2000’s.

Dr. Blatman first used stem cells from bone marrow to regenerate heart tissue from congenitive heart failure about 10 years ago. He is board certified in integrative medicine and can help with recommending additional nutrients to help optimize the healing response from your body that creates tissue repair. Dr. Blatman can also make recommendations of food choices to minimize inflammatory complications of the procedures.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Treatment can help restore cartilage to worn out joints. So called bone on bone joints that can still move well can often be restored.

Treatment helps regrow torn tendons, including partially torn rotator cuff tendons.

Treatment helps the body repair faster after muscle, ligament, and tendon related sports injuries.

Treatment can help lungs repair from COPD, emphysema, and atelectasis.

Treatment can help restore hair where growth is thinning.

Treatment can help reduce urinary stress incontinence in women.

Treatment can help restore sexual function in men and women.

Treatment can help thicken and tighten skin, reduce visibility of chicken pox and acne scars, and also abdominal stretch marks.

Set Up A Stem Cell Therapy Appointment

Contact us to schedule an introductory and informational stem cell therapy appointment today. This will provide an opportunity to learn more details of your history, check some basic labs, answer your questions, and discuss the above options in more detail. In addition, many men who undergo this procedure have underlying health issues that are part of the problem. Board certified in Integrative Medicine, Dr. Blatman offers discussion, and then recommendations, for how your body might be more prepared for optimal results after the treatment.

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