Stem Cell Alternative to Knee Replacement 

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More and more patients are turning to stem cell therapy for their joint problems instead of invasive therapy. But how do stem cells work? Learn more here. 

Is Stem Cell Therapy a Good Substitute for Knee Replacement?

It’s well known that knee replacement surgery isn’t a risk-free operation. Furthermore, a replacement knee doesn’t last forever, which is why most doctors prefer to perform the operation on elderly patients. Given the risks associated with this invasive surgery, many patients are turning to knee surgery alternatives like stem cell treatment.

While research into the field of stem cells is still in the preliminary stages, many patients are reporting considerable relief after just one injection. In some cases, patients have been able to avoid knee surgery after using stem cells. 

How Do Stem Cells Work for Knee Pain?

If you’re suffering from knee pain or “bone on bone”, then it’s believed stem cells may have the potential to regrow tissue and ligament surrounding the knee joint. When a patient visits a stem cell doctor, the doctor will directly inject stem cells into the injured joint. Some patients may experience relief after just one treatment and in other cases some patients may require additional injections. When using stem cells, patients can expect to feel continued improvement with every passing month.

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