Save Your Joints with the Blatman Method

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Are you living with stiff and painful joints? Are you tired of getting the same treatments or answers to your questions that don’t help? Perhaps it’s time for the kind of care that an integrative medical practice can provide. At Blatman Health and Wellness Center, we treat you as a whole person, not just your joint pain.

When treating joint or other types of pain, we’ve found that our patients obtain relief through the Blatman Method. We’ll outline what this approach involves and what it can do for you. First, you need to understand the real causes of your joint pain.

Where Does Pain Come From?

At its core, the Blatman Method is about changing how we think about and treat pain and discomfort. Regarding the pain in your joints or any other part of your body, it’s important to understand five rules:

  1. Pain rarely, if ever, originates from the place where you feel it. A headache doesn’t come from your head. Your joint pain is likely not tied to anything specific to your joints.
  2. A proper diagnosis of your pain condition doesn’t rely on describing what the pain feels like. Remember that the brain can’t distinguish among these characteristics, even if your provider asks you if the pain is dull, numbing, burning, achy, or stabby. It all has the same cause.
  3. What you know about your pain comes from tender structures that you can directly feel or touch in your body.
  4. You can pinpoint the root cause of your pain in the places that feel tender. These tender areas are a lifetime of injuries to the fascia, which are your connective tissues holding you together. The damage and injuries to your fascia over the years are what’s causing your pain.
  5. The key to pain relief is unkinking or loosening your fascia, strengthening how the fascia anchors to your body, and restoring joint cartilage as necessary. This will work most of the time in most people, no matter how long you’ve lived with the pain and no matter what is your actual diagnosis.

How Can the Blatman Method Help My Joints?

If traditional medicine hasn’t solved your joint problems, it may be time to try the Blatman Method. At Blatman Health and Wellness Center, your introduction to the Blatman Method starts with the first visit, when we’ll help you

  1. Take inventory of and understand the injuries throughout your life that have likely contributed to your pain.
  2. Learn what your body needs to alleviate joint pain and increase mobility and flexibility.
  3. Start a comprehensive treatment regimen that includes physical activities, nutrition guidance, and other holistic therapies.

This inventory is just the first step in your joint pain recovery, but like many of our patients, you may already experience some relief before you leave your appointment.

As part of your journey to joint pain relief, your provider will recommend one or more of the following methods or treatments:

The remedies your doctor recommends will depend on the nature and severity of your joint pain. They’ll also consider other factors, such as your medical history, health status, and lifestyle.

Find a Holistic Provider Certified in the Blatman Method

If you’re looking for relief from joint pain once and for all, consider what the Blatman Method can do for you. Dr. Blatman, is the pain specialist behind this approach. His mission is to provide holistic care that revolutionizes the treatment and management of pain. For more information about the Blatman Method and to schedule a consultation, contact our office today.

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