Save $50 On Thermal Breast Imaging Exams During October

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Is it time for your next breast exam? Are you familiar with Thermal Breast Imaging?

Call Dr. Blatman today to schedule your Thermal Breast Imaging exam for only $250 during the month of October. (regularly $300) 

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Advantages of Thermal Breast Imaging / Thermography

  • Safe and pain free.
  • No squeezing of breast tissue.
  • No radiation exposure and no risk of causing cancer. The test can be started at a young age and repeated as often as your doctor recommends (if your results are not normal and you need to be more closely monitored).
  • Fibrocystic disease does not make the test less effective.
  • Breasts with implants can be effectively tested.
  • Effective after surgery to make sure the tumor was removed.
  • Effective for any size breast.
  • Provides opportunity for early intervention if the test is not completely normal.
  • Can demonstrate tissue with estrogen dominance and greater risk.

Call us at 513.956.3200 or use our contact form to learn more and to schedule your Thermal Breast Imaging Exam during the month of October to receive $50 off.

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