Rejuvenating Your Knees with Stem Cells

Stem cells

Stem cells are getting praised all around the world for their miraculous ability to rejuvenate aging and damaged joints, skin, organs, and more. Stem cells could be considered a kind of “master cell” that can replicate themselves infinitely, becoming practically any kind of cell in your body. Why is this so important. Well, there’s a few reasons…

First, it’s important to note that everything in your body is made of up cells. Simply put, cells are the building blocks of life. You see, there’s blood cells, bone cells, brain cells, and more! Stem cells are even more powerful than normal cells because they can adapt, split, and renew themselves into other types of cells. And that’s usually how your body heals itself.

For example, think about the last time you suffered a scrape or cut. Over time, new skin cells are formed and the wound closes. You can thank your body’s stem cells for that!

But that brings to question, if stem cells are so miraculous, why can’t our body heal deteriorating knees or wrinkly skin? Researchers aren’t sure, but the answer likely has something to do with our body’s ability to produce stem cells as we age.

For one, it’s a well-known fact that people heal slower when they’re older. For example, a child who suffers from a broken arm will recover much quicker than a senior would. The reason for this may be stem cells.

When you’re young, you have a large supply of stem cells. But as you age, these stem cells diminish in quality and quantity. So, what’s the solution?

Using Your Body’s Stem Cells to Repair Damaged and Aging Joints

Despite diminished levels of stem cells, seniors can still use their body’s own stem cells to promote cartilage growth in areas like the knee and other joints. How? Well, even though you have less stem cells as you age, they can be found in many areas of your body like bone marrow. Researchers have developed a new technique that allow stem cell doctors to draw out your body’s stem cells through a needle. These stem cells are then concentrated in a special machine and then reinjected into the injured tissue. So, for example if you’re suffering from painful knees and you’re trying to avoid knee replacement surgery, doctors can use your own stem cells to strengthen your knees. In other words, your body truly can heal itself!

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