Nutritional Supplement Controversy

There have been several articles and news reports recently suggesting that nutritional supplements are a waste of money. It might have been different if the articles had said that some people are helped, some are harmed, and it doesn’t matter if you get your vitamins from a discount store or from the health food store. Instead the reports suggest that we are wasting our money if we spend it on any vitamins. When reports are this black and white, and we who have taken vitamins know how much they help us feel better, it is much easier to see that the conclusion of vitamins being worthless is nonsense. I remember my physics teacher in high school taught us that after all the calculations are done in solving the problem at hand, we still need to look at the answer and see if it makes sense. To many of us it is quit clear that a blanket statement of vitamins being a waste of money does not make sense.

Some may wonder where this news flash might come from. I have heard many times that the answers to many such questions come when we follow the money. What happens to people who do not take their vitamins? In my experience they get ill sooner, lose function more quickly as they age, and perhaps they even die sooner. Who benefits from this? Medical machinery of hospitals and pharmaceutical companies benefit from people being sick, and medicare and retirement systems benefit from people dying sooner. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but doesn’t this make you wonder?

In the meantime, there are so very many documented benefits from taking vitamins that I am certainly not going to stop taking mine.

The most important first place for your money after housing and transportation, is good and healthy food. After that comes multiple vitamin, fish oil, and various supplements that supply anti-oxidants and help the body detoxify from environmental exposures as well as the byproducts of our own energy production.

We therefore recommend the products in our online store. They have been thoroughly researched and have helped many of our patients. Complete Multi is a high quality complete multi mineral multivitamin supplement for men and women of all ages.

Cell Energy contains B vitamins and several ingredients that qualify as anti-oxidants, helping increase energy and delay effects of aging. Fish oil contains a high grade of purified omega 3 oils from fish. Gut critters intestinal flora contains a total of 20 billion mixed variety intestinal flora organisms in a protected package so they survive stomach acid and provide many health benefits for your gut and body.

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