Migraine Treatment: Aspirin vs Magnesium 

person with pain stress migraine headache

Most people dealing with painful and chronic migraines choose to reach for the nearest bottle of aspirin.

But what if there was a better, safer option for treating chronic migraines?  According to numerous clinical studies, magnesium appears to be extremely effective in alleviating migraine pain. Current evidence indicates that nearly half of all migraine sufferers show a deficiency of magnesium. That’s quite a bit of deficiencies.

But this shouldn’t be all that surprising, given the declining nutrient quality of our food.

Magnesium itself is a fairly tricky nutrient to get enough of. The current RDI is 400mg per day but if you’ve been deficient for a long period of time, like most Americans, you may need a higher amount to catch up.

Good sources of magnesium include spinach and certain nuts like almonds. Unfortunately, reaching the RDI of magnesium through diet alone can be challenging, so you may want to consider supplementing with additional magnesium.

To determine how much magnesium to supplement with, try out a nutritional calculator like Cronometer.

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